More rolling rallies across LA County set for this week

Last week’s rolling rallies fired up SEIU 721 members across LA County – and we’ve got more planned for this week! Check out the schedule and don’t miss the rolling rally at your worksite.

It’s all in anticipation of the LA County Board of Supervisors’ meeting on Tues., Apr. 10, where we’ll stand united and remind everyone that we are the backbone of LA County!

This week’s schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, April 3

10 a.m. at Glendora DCFS

10 a.m. at Northridge DPSS

11 a.m. at Pasadena DPSS

11 a.m. at West Valley DPSS

12 p.m. at Olive View Medical Center

12 p.m. at Public Works HQ Alhambra

2 p.m. at Glendale DPSS

2 p.m. at San Fernando DPSS

3 p.m. at East Valley DPSS


Wednesday, April 4

10 a.m. at ERCP Hotline/Metro N DCFS

10 a.m. at Lakewood DCFS

11 a.m. at Belvedere DCFS

11 a.m. at 550 Vermont

Noon at 695 Vermont

Noon at Registrar-Recorder

2 p.m. at Metro North DPSS

2 p.m. at Santa Fe Springs DCFS

3 p.m. at Norwalk DPSS


Thursday, April 5

10 a.m. at Belvedere DPSS

10 a.m. at CSC Inglewood

11 a.m. at Florence DPSS

11 a.m. at Wateridge DCFS

12 p.m. at Child Support HQ

12:30 p.m. at MLK Outpatient Clinics

2 p.m. at Metro East DPSS

2 p.m. at West LA DCFS

3 p.m. at Cudahy DPSS