SEIU Local 721 Condemns Inhumane Family Separations at the United States Border

SEIU Local 721 Condemns Inhumane Family Separations at the United States Border; Vows to Elect Congressional Candidates Who Will Stand Up to the Trump Administration to Defend the Promise of the American Dream

As Immigration Officials Tear Away Young Children from Families Seeking Refuge, California’s Working Families Promise to Elect Leaders Ready to Tackle the Humanitarian Crisis at the Border and Keep Families Together

LOS ANGELES – As immigration officials continue their separation and internment of immigrant children and families seeking asylum in the United States, SEIU Local 721 President Bob Schoonover released the following statement regarding SEIU Local 721 members’ commitment to elect new congressional representatives who will stand up for American values and keep families together.

“The continued separation and incarceration of migrant children at the U.S. border runs contrary to our values as Americans, and the utter lack of leadership by congressional representatives who sit on their hands as this abuse continues is unconscionable.

“California’s working families will not stand idly by as the Trump administration’s heinous border policies continue to rip children from their parents’ arms, and we will not forget those Republicans in Congress who refused to stand up for decency and justice in the face of state sanctioned child cruelty happening on American soil.

“The over 95,000 members of SEIU Local 721 remain committed to electing leaders who will tackle this crisis head on, and who will stand up to President Trump and Republicans in Congress to defend our American values and protect children and families, regardless of their country of origin. We are happy to endorse Josh Harder (CD 10), Katie Hill (CD 25), Katie Porter (CD 45) and Mike Levin (CD 49), and we will work tirelessly through November to ensure they’re elected to office.”


Contact: Coral Itzcalli, 213-321-7332,

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Joe Nino

the immigration policy you criticize are policies congress have enacted. Mr Trump is only enforcing the rules on the book. Don’t those parents share any responsibility in placing their children in danger. Mexico immigration policy is inhumane.

Joe Nino

those people have made it to Mex. they should claim asylum there. Oh yeah , no public benefits there.

Joe Nino

I think the Union should use their resources in obtaining a fair contract for its employees and start waisting union money on criminals like Clinton and Maxine Zombie Waters. Trump has brought the unemployment for minorities at a historical low. The world is respecting us as a nation. Give the man credit for bringing N Korea to the table without having to give a lot of money in an airplane.