LA County Bargaining Update 9/28

LA County Bargaining Update

INTENSIVE BARGAINING IS UNDERWAY. LA County Members vow to bargain around the clock to get it done! 

Latest Bargaining Report: 

1. Health Benefits — SEIU 721 made it clear, LA County must guarantee full paid health and dental as a baseline. 

2. Health Benefits — LA County insists on passing cost to workers. SEIU 721 demands LA County offset any costs passed on to workers through wage increases. 

3. Wages — LA County proposing a 7% raise that will completely disappear with their proposed health costs. So SEIU 721 members said “Nope! We are not here to negotiate a pay cut.”

Stay tuned! Bargaining is set to continue through the night! 

Current as of 5 p.m., 9/28/18. 

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William Davitian

Thank u 4 fighting 4 us pls stay the course and win us a good contract!:)

Dolores Barcinas

silvia martinez

Thanks for all of your work and the updates. We will back you up.

Elizabeth Gonzalez

When we fight, we win. No compromising, full benefits!!!!


I left my previous job thinking this was the best move for my family and myself. Please stay the course and get us this win. We all need it, not just the workers but the clients too.

Javier Marin

Thank you for all the hard work. I’m proud to be a SEIU 721 member.


We ca not a Sept what the county wants to do with our benefits. We have to fight for it. Thank you Seoul 721 for working hard for our benefits. If we have to go on strike if is needed, we must do it.


Thank You for all that you are all doing! May God’s Grace find favor upon all of you and bring our contract to completion!!

Sylvia rodriguez

More wages We are consider middle class but with our wages we cannot pay our bills or roof More money we need a raise to eat!!!


We won’t accept what the county wants to give us. We need our full venefits.

Denise Dilley

If county wants to sabe on health cost, tell them to get behind Single payer health in California and the nation.

Phoenicia Preston

Yes thank you for fighting for us.

Antonio Nieto

Benefits and at least a 12% cost increase are a must. Average cost of living increase has been 4% per year; plus with minimum wage increasing our lowest paid employees would be better off working at McDonald’s or Starbucks because they will be getting paid almost the same.


Thank you for fighting for us !
Stay strong, stay the course
don’t Together we win !

Claudine Harris

Thanks…..Please continue to fight for fairness…


Thank you for fighting for us! Please don’t give in and get us a fair contract!

Ranesha Williams

You’re all doing an AMAZING JOB!!

Angelita Pantaleon

Thank you so much for all your efforts in fighting for our rights. God bless your hearts!

Angelita Pantaleon

S. James

Health benefits are vital as the stress we endure on a daily basis requires the best medical care possible!


Thank you. We demand complete full health care benefits.

Hassani Brown

Thank you all for your hard work and please continue to fight for us.


Go seiu721 lets make it happen

Rosie Hernandez

How do they want us to live and support our families when here in Cali everything is going up. Rents, food, utilities etc. etc.


Thank you for all your hard work! Fight for our healthcare benefits, whatever pay increase they offer will not offset the rising cost of healthcare every year. You have our support.

Peta Foster

Thank you for putting county families first. Much appreciated! !!

B Coble

Keep up the fight SEIU, we are with you!!!


When we fight , we win ! Thank you

Aniceto Gallardo

Thank you for fighting for us and our family. Tell them to take a pay cut since it is ok for us to take a cut. There salaries are probably outrageous anyway.

gwendolyn hartford

I really appreciate the fight we need a good contract and not paying for health benefits out our pockets

David Parkyn

Keep up the fight. #UnionStrong


1 & 2 implies that the union agreed to a frozen baseline of current. Now fighting to cover increase via an additional pay. What? Terrible move. At this rate, we will end up paying more and more out of pocket. The increased coverage for healthcare cost should have been part of the deal to start.


No compromising, full benefits and wage increase! I work hard everyday, love working with the clients, but the County needs to recognize and accommodate the contributions we make. Compared to other counties, Los Angeles falls way short and our cost of living is higher. Not fair.


Don’t give in ! Keep fighting ! We need fair wages!

Shern C. Vance

Don’t give up. We will do what ever it takes to send a strong message to those in power.


Thank you so much for the fight at MLK we need all the health benefits and more likely or raises, is sad that LA county is getting paid less than LA City and we work just as hard.

Annabell Gutierrez

Please continue to fight for us Single parents that are living paycheck-to-paycheck

Walter Gonzalez


#NoPayCut #FamiliesAreImportant #FairContract2018
#3%IsAnIssult #7%IsAcceptable #NoOneShallDevideUs


How is 7% acceptable?

Velinda Stafford

Thank you for standing your ground. Victory!!

Thomas scott

This is ridiculous we work too hard for them to just throw us to the side with this crap fight for a better deal or else we shut the county down by striking

Thomas scott

We need a fair shate

Michael Ramirez

Thanks for your hard work from myself and my family. Stay strong!

Kimberly Austin

Thanks so much, team!


Thank you for all your hard work. We got to win. We need healthcare and dental care. We can’t afford the pay cut.

Annabell Gutierrez

We say no and support you guys there fighting for our rights

Malika Shskoor

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela
Sisters and brothers, stsy the course! Don’t get discouraged. Thousands stand behind you.


United we stand!!! Si se puede.

Heidi Mettler

THANK YOU 721! For fighting for our rights, demanding fair wages, and never giving up, because neither will we! How would they like it if their health care was taken away! #Karma.


No cuts or we strike!


Ready to strike on my floor. Keep up the good work and keep us all posted!

Deborah F Soto

Thanks 4 being there 4 us God Bless
We shall over come!

Rosa Contreras

Thank you to everyone there putting in a good fight! Stay strong!