On Sept. 25, LA County is #UnionStrong

RSVP for Sept. 25 (click here). Then sign up for free bus transportation (details here). Remember to Purple Up (shop here)!

Stand United for LA County!

Sept. 25 is our last chance to defend our contracts.

Sept. 25 is our last chance to remind the Board of Supervisors that we are the safety net for nearly 11 million LA County residents.

That’s because Sept. 25 is the date of their last official meeting before our contracts expire at the end of this month.

This means Sept. 25 is no ordinary day. On Sept. 25, everything we work so hard for is at stake.

Make plans now to stand united with your fellow SEIU 721 members at our massive march and rally.

It’s on Sept. 25 from 9 AM to Noon at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration in DTLA (RSVP here).

Reserve your free bus transportation (details here).

And don’t forget to wear your purple SEIU 721 gear (get it here).

We will show everyone that LA County is #UnionStrong! 

Right now, LA County negotiators are proposing:

  • A freeze on Options healthcare benefit contributions – the same thing as a pay cut.
  • Salaries that fail to keep pace with L.A.’s rising cost of living – another form of a pay cut.
  • Inadequate contract adjustments throughout various Bargaining Units – showing a lack of respect for the work we do.

Remember: We provide the quality public services that keep LA County clean, healthy, functioning and thriving throughout 4,751-square-miles, 365 days a year.

That’s worth something – a lot – but only if we remind everyone that we know our worth.

If we fail to flex our power on Sept. 25, we’re telling the Board of Supervisors:

  • That we are happy with the rising cost of living eating into our hard-earned paychecks, year after year.
  • That we have no problem paying hundreds of dollars more each year for healthcare coverage, if not thousands of dollars more annually for family coverage.
  • That we are ready to settle for these massive hits to our wallets, plus whatever workplace conditions they’re offering our Bargaining Units.

But we won’t fail. We won’t settle for less.

We will stand united for quality public services. We will stand united for respect at work. We will stand united for real middle-class jobs.

And we will show everyone that LA County is #UnionStrong!


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Need a raise

My whole department is going on strike endless we get a fair contract.


All of LA county is ready to unite and fight for our benefits and raises !!!!!

Poor la county worker

We need 12.5 percent or I’m quitting.