LA County contract TA details, BU summaries and more answers to your questions

Want to read your Bargaining Unit summary? Click here to go to our LA County Vote Contract ’18 web page!

You can read all the details about:

  • General Movement salaries and fringe benefits in the proposed Tentative Agreement (TA)
  • Information pertaining specifically to your job classification in your Bargaining Unit (BU)

Voting will take place starting on October 22 and continue through November. You can vote on the LA County Vote Contract ’18 web page starting on October 22.

(Reminder: BUs 311, 312 and 702 are still in negotiations. LA County Courts and Sanitation District employees are exempt since they bargain separately.)

We also rounded up all your questions from our last update – and we have a fresh new supply of answers below!

Q and A


Question #1: I heard that the L.A. County nurses in Bargaining Units 311 and 312 rejected L.A. County’s last, best and final offer and that they are preparing to vote on whether or not to strike. Is that true?

Answer #1: Yes.


Question #2: If I am an L.A. County nurse in BU 311 or 312, how does the strike vote affect me?

Answer #2: If you are a member of BU 311 or 312, click here to get all the answers to your questions.


Question #3: If I am not an L.A. County nurse in BU 311 or 312, will their strike vote affect me?

Answer #3: No. Your contract ratification is separate. Everything your Bargaining Unit agreed to will be voted on by you and your Bargaining Unit members on a track that will be separate from the L.A. County nurses.


Question #4: Do the raises apply to everyone? And is SEIU still negotiating with the Courts?

Answer #4: Yes, the raises and $1,000 bonus apply to all full-time permanent L.A. County members. SEIU is still negotiating with the Courts.


Question #5:  Does the raises apply to child support officers?

Answer #5: Yes.


Question #6:  Is the half step for those employees who by 2021 have maxed out their salary and therefore are in their last step – or is it the case that, in 2021, everyone regardless what step they are in will get the additional half step?

Answer #6: Everyone will get the half step after they’ve been on top step for one year.


Question #7: For the Flex Earnings if someone previously had $450 left over after choosing their cafeteria benefits on a monthly basis, will that amount now be capped at $224 in 2021?

Answer #7: Yes. There will be a cap in 2021 but it is $244 not $224.


Question #8: Can someone list the classifications whose members are getting a higher raise vs. what bargaining units are still in negotiations?

Answer #8: 10.75% is the across-the-board raise. Most SEIU members will receive more than this because they will receive additional salary “inequity” increases. The tentative agreement summaries, which will be mailed to members’ homes, distributed at worksites and posted online. It will list all of these “inequity” salary increases.


Question #9: Why does the union always accept an increase in parts? For example, a 7% increase is broken into the three years instead of fighting for the full 7% increase to begin on the day the increase begins? In effect workers receive the full increase only the last year. We are constantly losing money when it is broken up like this. This to me seems that the union is only fighting for cost of living increases.

Answer #9: Like all employers, L.A. County budgets by fiscal year. They do not receive their revenues all at once, so they don’t want to pay for salaries all at once. Generally, your elected bargaining committees push for more money earlier in the contract, while L.A. County tries to put the increases later in the term. The result is usually a compromise.


Question #10: Will we still have a co-pay for healthcare?

Answer #10: Yes. The new contract does not change the benefit designs. Changes to benefit designs are handled through a labor/management Benefits Administration Committee (BAC).


Question #11: Will we get better eye care plans?

Answer #11: See answer to Question 10.


Question #12: Will MegaFlex employees get the raises and the $1,000 bonus? Can someone explain if the CAP on flex earning will affect Mega Flex non-exempt employees?

Answer #12: We don’t know yet how the County plans to treat MegaFlex employees. The MegaFlex benefits plan is not negotiated by SEIU 721. However, those MegaFlex employees represented by SEIU 721 will receive at least the across-the-board salary increases and the $1,000 bonus.


Question #13: When will we get the $1,000 bonus?

Answer #13: We will get the bonus as soon as the contract is ratified by SEIU 721 members and approved by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. Our goal is to make sure that this happens before Christmas, i.e. on the December 14, 2018 payday.


Question #14:  Will we be taxed on the $1,000 bonus?

Answer #14:  Yes. All pay is taxed.


Question #15: When will our contracts be ratified?

Answer #15:  The voting will begin on October 22 and it will continue through mid-November.


Question #16: What will L.A. County do with all the money they will be saving on the Flex Earned reduction?

Answer #16: The money saved is being spent to increase our raises. Keep in mind that other L.A. County unions were offered or received only 7% across-the-board increases, while the SEIU 721 agreement is 10.75% across-the-board with most members receiving at least 12.25%.


Question #17: Regarding our lowest-paid members, why are there any at that low level of pay?

Answer #17: SEIU 721 made it a point to address the lowest wages by getting L.A. County to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. As of July 1, 2018, all L.A. County workers now receive at least $15 per hour.


Question #18: Is it true that Flex Earnings need to be used in purchasing life insurance, and if you don’t use it that way you lose it?

Answer #18: No, that is generally not true.  However, for those members with Kaiser Family coverage whose Flex Earnings will be capped in 2020 and 2021, it does make sense to purchase some life insurance or put money in health care spending accounts because you will be able to do so free of charge.


Question #19: Can you give a status update on “inequity” salary increases for the Network System Administrator job series? They work alongside Operation Systems Analyst doing the same exact work but are not reviving the same pay.

Answer #19: There are no plans at this time to rectify this inequity since Network Systems Administrators did not submit an equity presentation to their Bargaining Unit.


Question #20:  Why does L.A. County allow two hours to vote but can’t give time for attending things like the Stand United for LA County march?

Answer #20: The Stand United for LA County march was an action by SEIU 721 aimed at winning a stronger contract. It was not supported by L.A. County.


Question #21: How was the communication conveyed to go on the Board of Supervisors meeting on October 2nd? Was there a mass email sent out?

Answer #21: SEIU 721 sent out mass communication for the Sept. 25 march because it was a union-organized event. We disbursed numerous e-mails; distributed thousands of flyers; and posted about the event heavily on Facebook, Instagram and our SEIU 721 website. The Oct. 2 event was not union-organized; it was held independently by a group of SEIU 721 members. So our union did not promote it.


Question #22: What does Flores v. City of San Gabriel have to do with a flex earnings cap? That lawsuit was brought because flex earnings weren’t included in the premium overtime calculation even though it was included as employee wages and taxed. What is the lawsuit currently brought against LA County regarding Flex Earnings?

Answer #22: In June, 2016, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled in Flores vs. the City of San Gabriel that the City’s flexible benefits plan was not a “bona fide” health plan because too much of the monetary contribution was used to increase pay rather than to purchase medical or dental benefits. This resulted in huge unanticipated costs for the city and compelled the restructuring of the health plan. L.A. County’s Options (for SEIU 721) and Choices (for other L.A. County unions) health plans are similar to the City of San Gabriel in that a large portion of L.A. County’s contribution currently is paid to employees as “Flex Earnings” or “Taxable Cash Back.” Several lawsuits have been filed that challenge the “bona fide” status of L.A. County’s health plans. If one of these lawsuits were to be successful, and Options’ “bona fide” status is lost, the consequences for L.A. County – and, and ultimately for SEIU 721 members – could be catastrophic. In order to safeguard the integrity of our Options health plan, your elected bargaining team agreed to negotiate reductions in Flex Earnings if – and only if – L.A. County agreed to greater improvements in salaries, i.e. more than the 7% which had been the settlement with other L.A. County unions.


Question #23: Who is the half step for? Is it for employees that have maxed out their salary and therefore are in their last step? Or in 2021 everyone regardless what step they are in will get the additional half step?

Answer #23: The half step is for everyone. It will be part of the new salary schedule. Employees will receive the additional 2.75% once they reach the top step (but not before January 1, 2021).


Question #24: I have a question about the 1.5 extra pay to low pay employees. Does this also include Secretarial positions too or not?

Question #24: Thousands of lower paid clerical positions were offered the 1.5% “inequity” increase, but not the Secretarial series.


Question #25: Can someone explain if the CAP on flex earning will affect Mega Flex non-exempt employees?

Answer #25: We don’t know yet how L.A. County plans to treat MegaFlex employees. The MegaFlex benefits plan is not negotiated by SEIU 721.


Question #26: What about relief nurses? We are not included on the 10.75% increase. What are we getting, and why are we getting excluded?

Answer #26: The basic agreement for temporary employees (including Relief Nurses) is a 7% increase – and, in some cases, “inequity” salary increases. Relief Nurses have been offered additional salary improvements at the RN bargaining table but an agreement has not yet been reached. More information for members of BU 311 and 312 can be found by clicking here.


Question #27: Is it true only certain employees are getting the 10.75% raise and the $1,000 bonus?

Answer #27: All permanent, full time employees get at least the 10.75% plus the $1,000 bonus. Most employees will receive more than this.


Question #28: Is the $1000 bonus considered pensionable compensation?

Answer #28: No. Bonuses are not pensionable.


Question #29: Are we close to voting?

Answer #29: Tentative Agreement (TA) summaries can be found here. Ballots are being prepared. Voting will begin on October 22.


Question #30: I would like an update on the LVNs. Are we going to get an additional increase? Are we going to get longevity pay like the RNs? RNs received longevity pay. What happen to the LVNs and the CNAs?

Answer #30: RN’s do not receive longevity pay. The Licensed Vocational Nurse agreement includes the across-the-board 10.75% increase plus an additional 4% salary “inequity” for a total of 14.75%.


Question #31: What about the EW bargaining unit? I heard nothing in regards to our increases and a lot of us were very PRESENT at the rally??? The increase will not help anyone until 3 years from now and the $1,000 bonus seems like more of a consolation prize.

Answer #31: The Eligibility Worker agreement includes the 10.75% across-the-board increase plus an additional 1.5% “inequity increase” for a total of 12.25% plus the $1,000 bonus.


Question #32: What about salary for surgical technologist?

Answer #32: The Surgical Technicians were offered a 4% salary “inequity” on top of the basic 10.75% salary increase for a total of 14.75% along with the $1,000 bonus.


Question #33: Was there any pay increase for Clerical since we are often underrepresented in these negotiations?

Answer #33:  Yes. Most clerical classifications will receive a salary increase of at least 12.25%.


Question #34: Does this include Intermediate Clerk Typist?

Answer #34:  Yes.


Question #35: So what is this $1,000? Was it received through pay gap analysis or pay scale studies and comparisons; which means it should mean it is now part of our monthly income?

Answer #35: No. The bonus was offered primarily to cover any Flex Earnings reductions in 2019.


Question #36: Does this contract – with the raises and the $1,000 bonus – include court reporters also?

Answer #36: No. Court Reporters are still bargaining with the Superior Court.


Question #37: Could some please clarify what the “individual bargaining tables” are?  For example: Would the Dept. of Mental Health bargain independently? Or is it that all of the Clerks in the county bargain independently? I thought everyone belonging to 721 gets the same terms.

Answer #37: All members belong to individual Bargaining Units that negotiate for their specific contract, or “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU). The Bargaining Committee negotiates for the general movement of all L.A. County members, no matter what Bargaining Unit they are in; for example, common language and fringe benefits (medical and dental), which benefit the whole body of the union. But each individual Bargaining Unit will negotiate for the individual needs of the classifications they represent; uniforms, telecommuting rules and inequity pay, for example. Bargaining Units 121 and 122 – which are for Clerical and Supervisory Clerical members – actually have 154 different classifications within them.


Answer #38: Has anyone ever thought of removing the AP for DPSS employees?

Answer #38: Check your individual Bargaining Unit summary for more information by clicking here.


Question #39: So we no longer will get cash back if we don’t use our full benefit allowance?

Answer #39: No. There will still be cash back for Flex Earnings, just not as much.


Question #40: Also if we pick other benefit options in addition to the health and dental plans then do we have to pay out of pocket?

Answer #40: No – not unless medical premiums skyrocket.


Question #41: Are they only covering the cheapest benefits options for health and dental?

Answer #41: No.


Question #42: If we pick a higher priced medical and dental plan do we have to pay out of pocket for that?

Answer #42: Some members who choose the highest-priced plans are already paying out of pocket.


Question #43: “Some of our lower-paid employees, will receive additional salary increases above the 10.75%.”…. I am one of the lower paid employees. I started at $14.50 per hour I am at $16.41 now. How will I know if I am considered an additional increase?

Answer #43: It’s based on your classification. L.A. County offered “inequity” increases to may classifications including most, but not all, lower-paid classifications.


Question #44: How can we get a “Type File Extra Mile” shirt?

Answer #44: The original shirts were made independently by members of Bargaining Units 111 and 112, specifically for individuals who were involved in contract negotiating. However, we will be printing a new round very soon and will notify all members of BU 111 and 112 via email, text and social media when the T-shirts are available in the SEIU 721 Purple Up Store.


Question #45: How much of this concerns new employees? Say you just passed probation… How long would one have to be a member for this to be of benefit immediately to you?

Answer #45: New employees will get all of these raises, bonuses, etc., however you will only receive the 2.75% half step when you reach the top step of the salary schedule.


Question #46: What about the pay inequities with the park superintendent series?

Answer #46: Check your individual Bargaining Unit summary for more information by clicking here.


Question #47: Does this includes retirees?

Answer #47: No.


Question #48: Do you have an update on Community Health Worker inequity?

Answer #48: The Community Health Worker agreement includes a 1.5% salary “inequity” on top of the 10.75% across-the-board raise for a total of 12.25 %, plus the $1000 bonus.


Question #49: The $1000.00 bonus across the board. Would that be a time payment or the $1000.00 addition to be applied to our salaries monthly?

Answer #49: It’s a one-time-only bonus.


Question #50: Can you tell me if the CIT coaches were granted a stipend?

Answer #50: Check your individual Bargaining Unit summary for more information by clicking here.


Question #51: Any update on grid movement for PHNs?

Answer #51: The RN bargaining committee has not reached an agreement with L.A. County.


Question #52: What does the $1000 bonus across the board entail?

Answer #52: It’s a one-time payment of $1,000 in addition to regular pay. It will be received once the agreement is ratified by SEIU 721 members and approved by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.


Question #53: Is there any news on Unit 121 – Admin Tech? I have not heard a thing during this whole process.

Answer #53: The Tentative Agreement (TA) Summary for BU 121 has been published online here. It be mailed to all BU 121 members along with a ballot. It will also be distributed at worksites.


Question #54: Please explain what the bonus is all about and how we will receive it, also explain what level the half step raise is and what step does it start at?? Also does the differential bonus increase as well?

Answer #54: The $1,000 bonus will be paid to employees on the first payday after the agreement is ratified by SEIU 721 members and approved by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. The half step will be the new top step of our salary schedules. Differential bonuses are specific to each unit and any changes will be in the Tentative Agreement (TA) Summary, which can be found online here.


Question #55: 10.75 percent increase would hit right away or it is going to increase within 3 years?

Answer #55: The increases are distributed over the three years. The first increase of 2% is retroactive to October 1, 2018. The bonus is paid out immediately upon ratification and approval. The schedule of future increases will be laid out in the Tentative Agreement (TA) Summaries, which can be found online here.


Question #56: What about the Blood Gas Techs and CLS?

Answer #56: L.A. County offered a 2% inequity salary increase for the CLS series but not for the Blood Gas series.


Question #57: My question is what does the health benefit guarantee mean? Are they dropping all other coverage like for life insurance?

Answer #57: No. It just means that no matter what happens to medical and dental premiums over the next three years, L.A. County will offer fully-paid medical and dental.


Question #58: A coworker just told me that the Union representative at her office told her that we have to vote on those changes. Is this a fact, if so, where do we vote to adopt these changes?

Answer #58: Yes. You will be able to vote in one of three ways: 1 – A ballot will be mailed to your home; 2 – Ballots and ballot boxes will be set up at worksites; 3 – You will be able to vote online if you choose. All this will get underway later this month, starting on October 22.


Question #59: Will everyone that works in a hazard environment get the hazard bonus? Not every employee is in title to that bonus even if we work in those conditions (Intermediate Clerk) Department of Emergency.

Answer #59: Hazard bonuses were not negotiated this year.


Question #60: I heard it’s only 10.75 if you have 13+ years of service is this true?

Answer #60: No.

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County employee

This is a joke . Some employees get 4 and 5 percent inequity while some get 2 . I’m gonna vote NO . It’s not fair and it takes 2 years to get the extra money. Less then cost of living.

Crystal Robinson

The county doesn’t get all the money up front so they can’t give it to us up front. Can’t give what’s not there. At least there’s some kind of raise. Plus the benefit contributions are going up a little bit. Beggars can’t be choosers. Be thankful you have a job.

Shakita Jenkins

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer crystal. You are what’s wrong with the county. God bless

Grow Up and Stop Complaining!

@Shakita Jenkins…… It’s a shame that you have to stoop so low to insult another person. There is an intelligent way to get your point across, try it!


Maybe not but at least I’m thankful to have a job to go to everyday. I got in as a veteran intern, doing the same exact work as ew2’s who were making $800 more per month than me. Yes I’ve complained about it but I’m still working and have medical benefits for my family.


If you think you can do a better job, then go do it. Until then, be thankful for the job you have. The union reps have worked extremely hard for us and you and many others are ungrateful. Ungrateful Tate what’s wrong with the county.


The raises are still under inflation and on top of that for us that need that extra flex earning pay, we’re taking a pay cut. My wife also works for the county and it’s great we have double coverage but fornthose that don’t we are losing money.

Tracy Pena

I’m in the same boat. But we get double the bonus!


I’m with you crystal, no matter what, very GRATEFUL to have a job


Join the discussion…you must be rich and crazy if u worked for private you wouldn’t get nothing be grateful I agree with Crystal


Actually the average in private sector is 2-3% minimum each year. They actually keep up with cost of living. Try again



Some get 10%

Joe Lechuga

Every general member gets a 10.75 pct raise increase across this 3 yr contract and some will get up to 6.5 pct more. Read your TA for your BA. Oh and that’s not counting the 1,000.00 that we will all get.


Be glad for 2%. Some of us get nothing extra. I thought I was a “lower paid” employee, but it seems I was wrong. Employees that make double what I make are getting the 2%. I appreciate my job, but I’ll be going back to working a second job soon.

Joe Lechuga

Check you TA for the list of items in your BU to see if you will one who gets an inequity raise. Also, if by chance you make less than 15.00 an hour you will be now making 15.00 now. read your TA before speaking up. If you need help let me know and I’d be willing to help and if you do not like what you are paid then apply to promote up.

Alexandro Meza-Contreras

If you do not like what we won, you should be more involved in your UNION so that you can fight for what you think WE deserve. We fought a good fight and we kept our benefits intact. A pay-raise that no one believe we could get. A $1000 bonus and plus inequity pay across-the-board. Get involved. Put in the time and stop complaining when you sit behind you desk expecting for things to work they way you want them to work-out.


Correct. You have to show up at the events so you can convince your buddy “Hey I’m a (insert position), think you can throw something our way. Yeah 5% or 10% would be nice man.” The unequal inequality pay raise, they should of SAT behind a desk and actually calculated each and every position. The Union is great, this is a good stepping stone.

Joe Lechuga

If you are referring to the “county employee” I feel he should get out of the union and yes he could have got involved in the bargaining committee but it’s too late for the coward that wouldn’t even display his name.

Joe Lechuga

Well said. Too bad more members do not get involved but quick to complain and sit by idly and not get involved


Joe needs to go !!!!

Joe Lechuga

Voting no means you will be the ones who mess it up for all of us. I see you only put county employee you coward.

Single mother

I’m voting no and I’m not a coward. I’m a single mother standing up for myself.


I agree. This contract is a joke. The “raises” we are getting are just going to balance out the flex pay I’m losing. Therefore, my income is staying the same over the next three years. And why is it fair that other BU get a higher raise? I’m voting no.

Amy count

Single mothers are not cowards. Most union stewards I have met have no life or nothing better to do then start problems like this. We need to unite and help all la county workers.

Joe Lechuga

Mr. Anderson thanks for posting your name other than ANONYMOUS. The union does what they do for the members. If you do not agree with something then maybe you should go to union meetings and voice your opinion. I’ve been a county employee and union steward for going on 18 yrs and I have heard, read anything of weak ass strong arm tactics. Our union the best but I’d rather have them than no union because the county will not give us crap! I have disagreed with a lot of stuff thru the years and that is why I became… Read more »

John williams

Hopefully get the bonus by the end of the year ? Do we get interest on the bonus ??? The county is only getting worse. Stop paying into the union. We cant even get cost of living while flex pay is being capped !!


If you stop paying into the union would make things a lot worse. At a certain point the union would no longer be able to function due to not properly funded which in turn would not be able to get us a contract which means they can get private companies to do our jobs for less. We pay about 1.25% of our earnings, that’s job security. Let’s be smart about this.


Yup, it would be an absolute disaster for county employees. No union, no negotiating power.


Actually, better check your numbers. 10.75 / 3 = 3.58. Inflation is at 2.1 for the past 10 yrs ( The past 12 months in LA the cost of consumer goods has gone up about 3.9. Its been a tough year. We are all having to deal with this tough economy, and its only going to get worse with the policies that are being signed into law now and will trickle down to our pocket in the next few years. All that being said, I agree that the Union does need to do more, but leaving is not the answer.… Read more »

Tom marcus

VOTE NO !!!! This is BS! Some people 1 percent some 5 percent same group. Some people will make more but were paid less then them before . WTF

Just A Thought

The asterisk in the TA Overview is interesting:

“* These January increases are for Options eligible (full-time, permanent) employees only.”

However, according the Q&A above: “Yes, the raises… apply to all full-time permanent L.A. County members.”

I am wondering if MegaFlex employees are considered Options eligible?


Flex is capped. Losing money. Different units get 5 percent some get 1. Nurses about to go on strike. County is really doing a great job lol. What a joke !

Donald ayce

Fight for 1000 bonus before oct 1st. Now hopefully we get it by the end of the year. Soon it will be never happen.

Victoria Rodriguez

I do not see any correlation between these two questions:

Question #11: Will we get better eye care plans?
Answer #11: See answer to Question 7.

Question #7: For the Flex Earnings if someone previously had $450 left over after choosing their cafeteria benefits on a monthly basis, will that amount now be capped at $224 in 2021?
Answer #7: Yes. There will be a cap in 2021 but it is $244 not $224.

County employee

Could you please explain how the raise and bonus affects transitioning megaflex employees that is SEIU employees who are being promoted to positions with megaflex status.


Will the $1000 be taxed as regular pay or lusury taxed?

Yolanda Toney

Can the $1000.00 bonus be given in a separate check?

Steve Walrath

So lets get this straight? We didn’t get the full Cost of Living raise, We are now getting capped on our Flex pay, and Getting a measly $1000 hush up bonus wich after taxes maybe $650??? I don’t know ? Do the math if you are getting 450 back now and its down to 242 thats a loss of $212 a month and a total of $2544 a year!!!! We’re getting boned!!! Excuse my French!!! I say No! How much of a raise are the CEOs making????

Olivia Nelson

Does any of this apply to temporary/recurrent employees?


What about the nursing Attendant

Steve Walrath

I noticed that all the other drivers received additional bonuses except medium and heavy truck drivers? We are way under paid for the work we do not only do we drive we do heavy labor and are out on the highways all day risking our necks and our bodies!!! Its funny how in the beginning we were told that SEIU was asking for 23% and our Bottom line was absolutely no less than 15% ? Then from what we were told they were making some head way? But after the Janus Verdict came down they totally withdrew everything that was… Read more »

Deborah F Soto

Thank God &Thanx to all who worked and are still working negotiating for us

Concerned Veteran

More feasible for the county to pay their employees what they deserve than to have 60k employees not show up to work for a few days #simplemath

K. Ross

What about a pay increase for employees who have degrees? I heard a pay increase for those employees was in negotiations?


(1) When I started working for the County there were only 5 steps so how many are there now for PFSW items. (2) We do the same work as the Eligibly Workers. Will we be getting that higher raise?


What about the employee that didn’t join the union. Will they reap the same benefits?

LaTresa Harris

Can someone please tell me what is going to happen for the CMA? Do we get the extra 4% or whatever it is on top of the 10.75%?

Tyrell Washington

The county savings billions in this deal. Board of supervisors getting huge bonuses for this.

LA County Employee

You guys did a good job on answering questions.

However, the whole “10.75%” thing isn’t really true for many employees, as it requires them to be sitting on a position for 5-7 years to qualify for the new “half step.”

It’s really 8% over 3+ years. Still an increase, just not laid out clearly enough until today.


I interpreted it as you get the 2.75% and a half step. So would a full step be 5.5%?
October 1, 2018 2%
October 1, 2019 2.5%
January 1, 2020 1%*
October 1, 2020 2.5%
January 1, 2021 2.75% Additional Half Step*
TOTAL 10.75%

LA County Employee

Each step is typically 5.5% (some schedules have half steps in the later years). According to what they said up there, they are adding an additional “half step” to the salary schedules. This means if you have not been on your last step for a full year by 2021, you will not see that 2.75%. It won’t exist for you until you have been on the same item for 5+ years (or however long it takes you to complete a year of service at your previous final step). Let’s say someone promotes in 2020 and starts at Step 1 of… Read more »


If I quit with DPSS as of October 11th, would I receive the bonus?


I have been with the county less than a year and still getting the hang of how the union works.. How do I find out my bargaining unit? My position is a lower paid position and not on the inequality raise. I am in a technical position but now the parking lot attendant at 10%+10.75% will now be making more than me.

Joe Lechuga

Anonymous, why didn’t you post your name and you didn’t even post you position or as we correctly say item. I know you are in LACERA plan G. I am a union steward and can tell you your item and bargaining unit if you want me to.

Matthew Maxfield

Thank you Joe! My name is Matt and I’m a Printer I. I am in BU 431. I only used the position above as an example, most likely they do deserve 20.75%, but other positions in the same bargaining unit are not listed. I have not been to any events or rallies yet and I’m not sure how or who determined the inequity percentages. I plan on getting more involved, as I am right now, after I am more settled in the county. Do you know the union contact for BU 431? I have over a decade in the printing… Read more »


Why not get rid of the inequality raise since it is not fair in unequal for everyone, and just average it out and give everyone a straight up raise over three years. A lot of positions including mine are left out. I called and the rep said “oh you know you gotta show up to rallys, events, let your voice be heard.” I am new to the county and trying to get involved with the union but am still figuring things out. It doesn’t seem fair that because you went to a rally and told your buddy in the BU… Read more »


if you are already on the 5th step; the 2.75% 1/2 step increase in Jan. 2021 means you can’t retire in 2021, because depending on your retirement plan, you have to work at this higher salary compensation for 1-3 years to receive it, so why didn’t we get this at the beginning, instead of forcing people to work longer or do without this increase?

Jacqueline Crain

Why do the LVN’S only have 7 steps and the RN’S have 20+ steps, and when will we receive the 4% ? will we get the 4% at the beginning of the new contract ?

Shawn m.

They value RN’S more then LVN. The county is horrible. Use every trick in the book to take advantage of the system or they will use and abuse you till you barley make it to retirement if your lucky.


RNs have passed an intense program and obtained a two year degree.
LVNs have about a year of nursing education and obtained a certificate.

Jacqueline Crain

Hello ,LVN’S have a license and I currently work with LVN’S with bachelor degrees. We also have to take 30 ceu every 2 years.


Join the discussion…LVN gets licenses not certificate and all you know more is IV get over it Im A LVN how dare you and might no more than you don’t down rate us they depend on us more just cause of this what you saying arrogant


I won’t point out your post has lots of misspelling and incorrect grammar. I am not pointing out who knows more just what the initial requirements are for the position. Like I said both positions are important and take very knowledgeable, skilled people to do them. It is a null argument about what other degrees or certificates someone in the position may have. There are clerks with bachelors or masters degree.. there are RNs with BSNs.

Linette Woron

Exactly! It seems RNs have so many options, I’ve worked for county 27 years just now out sick for 5 months going on disability/ MCW at top step for years!!

nancy munoz garcia


Anni marquez

Nursing is voting no on this joke of a contract. County saving millions and millions just on flex. Not even cost of living for raises. LA is getting worse and the county leading they way. The board have mansions and millions to spend for them and there family and we cant ever get a fair deal. Look at rent prices gas prices property taxes people need to wake up. All employees go on strike till we get a fair deal.

Jake Johnson

This is a bait and switch…. Vote NO! They are going to take your left over cafeteria money you normally receive extra pay on monthly out of the mid month pay. If you, like me have over $400 left over after covering your medical/dental – that WILL BE REDUCED TO $244 monthly. They want you to be happy about getting a one time bonus of $1000 so you don’t think of how much money you WILL lose by the end of each year. In my case I would $400 monthly comes out to $4800 take home. But under this new… Read more »

Jake Johnson

Join the discussion…The Board’s original decision was the decrease the Cafeteria Benefit amount – this is just another way of doing it while pissing on us with a BS one time bonus.

County Employee

You shouldn’t count on that extra cafeteria benefit money as income. THAT IS MONEY THE COUNTY IS GIVING YOU FOR NOTHING. If they wish to put a cap on it, then so be it. Be thankful for having a JOB that provides full benefits to everyone of your family members.


it is extra cafeteria benefit money because you are buying cheaper medical plans like HMOs instead of PPOs so you can have the left over money for your monthly income survival. If they cap this, people should buy the more expensive medical plans with all the purks, and use all the county’s contributions provided.

Jake Johnson

This is a bait and switch. The Broad originally wanted to reduce the Cafeteria Benefits. This is the same thing. They want us all to be happy with the ONE time bonus so we would not notice the difference. For others like me, my left over monthly cafeteria money is over $400, yearly that would be $4800. With this cap (that is NOT made fully address), is going to stop it at $244 monthly which is $1872. The full 10 or 12% raise will go into affect in three years. See a problem here? Someone like me with a family… Read more »

Jake Johnson

This is a bait and switch. The Broad originally wanted to reduce the Cafeteria Benefits. This is the same thing. They want us all to be happy with the ONE time bonus so we would not notice the difference. For others like me, my left over monthly cafeteria money is over $400, yearly that would be $4800. With this cap (that is NOT made fully address), is going to stop it at $244 monthly which is $1872. The full 10 or 12% raise will go into affect in three years. See a problem here? Someone like me with a family… Read more »

Jake Johnson

This is a bait and switch. The Broad originally wanted to reduce the Cafeteria Benefits. This is the same thing. They want us all to be happy with the ONE time bonus so we would not notice the difference. For others like me, my left over monthly cafeteria money is over $400, yearly that would be $4800. With this cap (that is NOT made fully address), is going to stop it at $244 monthly which is $1872. The full 10 or 12% raise will go into effect in three years. See a problem here? Someone like me with a family… Read more »


The man has a point. Additionally cost of living in LA goes up 3.9%/year. So three years at 3.9% is 11.7% increase. Minus the 10.75 we will get over three years leave us with -.95%, about a percent negative on cost of living over three years. Add that to less flex take home pay example Jake above would take home $5616 less over three years. So in the end we are left with -1% and $4616 less (don’t forget that $1000 bonus) over three years. Also not everyone is getting the inequality pay. Private sector (retail stores) get a minimum… Read more »

Jake Johnson

Join the discussion…I completely agree

Jake Johnson

Strange – I’ve tried posting my comment on here three different times and each they have not been approved. I used no fowl language. Strange.


Looks like they all went through. Sometimes it takes a while but generally they make it through.


Just vote no this is unfair contract

Steve Walrath

Maybe they don’t agree with what you said??


Hazard pay wasn’t negotiated???? We’ve been asking for that for over a decade. We always get raises. Hazard pay puts us into a different category, as it should.

County employee

The VOTE NOW link isn’t available yet. I can’t comment on that page so I came here. Please fix.

Arturo Gaspar jr

hi is the $1,000 allowance …a one time only..or once a year

Arturo Gaspar jr

why dont clerks get a yearly allowance for clothes..we have to wear dress casual attire…its not cheap.other employees get uniform allowances..

Crystal Robinson

EW’s don’t get it either. The $1,000 is one time only. 🙂


Chunturo Gaspar Jr . They not gonna give u money for your Ross dress clothes. Try to get raises focus on the bigger picture. Flex getting capped. Were broke.

Bridget Harris

Good morning, does the one time bouns apply to temp employees?


Everyone should read Question #22 about the reasoning for thr compromise on Flex. It should really be question #1.

Kymberlee Thomas

I think the contract is a really good one except for two things. Why is it that a temporary position that has just been raised up to meet a type of inequity pay (no offense to the hard working Temporary Employees) are being raised up again, but Library Assistants and Librarians who are responsible for the jobs of these employees when they don’t show up, as well as for their own responsibilities, and are sometimes required to be “Acting in Charge” at some libraries, as well as expected to facilitate some programs (in some cases that are working above their… Read more »

Anni marquez

Nurses on strike today !!!


I would like to know if the raises and $1000 bonus applies to part-time/temporary employees?


I don’t like this either. I will be losing money as well. However, if you guys don’t like it, feel free to work elsewhere. Amazon, UPS and many other places are hiring. Just know how fortunate you are just to be working for the county while thousands are fighting to get a job in the county.

Crystal Robinson

I totally agree with you. People are being greedy as heck. They should really be thankful for a job to go to daily that pays well. I make more with the county than I did in the military. My starting monthly with the county was nearly three times my monthly starting in the military. The most I made in the service was about $23k. I’m making nearly 1.5 times that.

Crystal Robinson

Correction: the most I made in the military was $17k. I just saw my earnings statement from social security. I made MORE THAN DOUBLE that last year. Pretty sad that I make more as a civilian than I did in the military when my life was on the line every day.


I agree working for the county is great. When I worked in the private sector I was paying about $280 for health/dental/vision with NO flex earns. However it is best for a culture to keep growing, including salaries, we should fight to keep this the best place to work. Inflation doesn’t stop just because we love our jobs. Cold numbers and facts, we will be earning less in three years due to inflation, it would be a good idea to get raises to equal the inflation rate, a great idea to raise above that. Let’s keep the county great.

Joe Lechuga

Reading all these questions tells me that people do not make an effort to get involved. All info is here or on flyers. They do not contact member services or union stewards. I say this as a union steward and have to continuously re-explain everything i post in our breakroom. It seems like all they want is the raises and bonuses and most do not even go to rallies.

one person

Join the discussion…our office doesn’t have a union steward. when someone from the union does come to our office, they just walk around bullying people to sign membership cards stating that they are for updating our personal information, not that they are the cards to join the union……….

Joe Olivas

What have you heard about crafts or trades I’m not able to get any info?

County RN

What about 21% increase? I don’t see anywhere mention anymore