SEIU 721 2018 Election Guide

SEIU 721 2018 Election Guide

SEIU members across the state have conducted a transparent, democratic process, interviewing dozens of candidates for statewide offices.

SEIU 721 members have been a part of that process, and have also endorsed candidates for local offices who support working families and the communities we serve.

Now it’s important that we speak with one voice in November, and stand up for our brothers and sisters in labor.

Please use this SEIU Local 721 Voter Guide to mark your ballot, and vote the whole ballot. Please share it with your family and friends. Mail in your ballot, or vote on Tuesday, November 6th, like our futures depend on it.


Statewide Endorsed Candidates

Governor – Gavin Newsom

U.S. Senate – Kevin de León

California Lt. Governor – Ed Hernandez

California Secretary of State – Alex Padilla

California Attorney General – Xavier Becerra

California Controller – Betty Yee

California Treasurer – Fiona Ma

California Superintendent of Public Instruction – Tony Thurmond

California Insurance Commissioner – Ricardo Lara


Statewide Propositions

Proposition 2 – Yes (Homelessness Funding)

Proposition 5 – No (Tax Cuts for Wealthy)

Proposition 6 – No (Cuts to Infrastructure Projects)

Proposition 8 – Yes (Fair Pricing for Dialysis)

Proposition 10 – Yes (Affordable Housing Act)

Proposition 11 – No (Takes Away Rights for Medical Workers)



Congressional District 25 – Katie Hill
Congressional District 26 – Julia Brownley
Congressional District 27 – Judy Chu
Congressional District 28 – Adam Schiff
Congressional District 29 – Tony Cardenas
Congressional District 30 – Brad Sherman
Congressional District 33 – Ted Leiu
Congressional District 34 – Jimmy Gomez
Congressional District 37 – Karen Bass
Congressional District 38 – Linda Sanchez
Congressional District 39 – Gil Cisneros
Congressional District 40 – Lucille Roybal-Allard
Congressional District 43 – Maxine Waters
Congressional District 44 – Nanette Barragan
Congressional District 45 – Katie Porter
Congressional District 48 – Harley Rouda
Congressional District 49 – Mike Levin


State Assembly

Assembly District 38 – Christy Smith
Assembly District 39 – Luz Rivas
Assembly District 41 – Chris Holden
Assembly District 43 – Laura Friedman
Assembly District 44 – Jacqui Irwin
Assembly District 45 – Jesse Gabriel
Assembly District 46 – Adrin Nazarian
Assembly District 48 – Blanca Rubio
Assembly District 49 – Ed Chau
Assembly District 50 – Richard Bloom
Assembly District 51 – Wendy Carrillo
Assembly District 52 – Freddie Rodriguez
Assembly District 53 – Miguel Santiago
Assembly District 54 – Sydney Kamlager
Assembly District 55 – Gregg Fritchle
Assembly District 57 – Ian Calderon
Assembly District 58 – Cristina Garcia
Assembly District 59 – Reggie Jones-Sawyer
Assembly District 62 – Autumn Burke
Assembly District 63 – Anthony Rendon
Assembly District 64 – Mike Gipson
Assembly District 65 – Sharon Quirk-Silva
Assembly District 66 – Al Muratsuchi
Assembly District 70 – Patrick O’Donnell
Assembly District 72 – Josh Lowenthal
Assembly District 74 – Cottie Petrie-Norris


State Senate

Senate District 18 – Bob Hertzberg
Senate District 20 – Connie Leyva
Senate District 22 – Mike Eng
Senate District 24 – Maria Elena Durazo
Senate District 26 – Ben Allen
Senate District 30 – Holly Mitchell
Senate District 32 – Bob Archuleta
Senate District 34 – Tom Umberg
Senate District 36 – Marggie Castellano



Note: No postage is required to return your mail-in ballot in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County

LA County Sheriff – Alex Villanueva
YES ON Measure W
Los Angeles County Assessor – Jeffery Prang
Superior Court Judge Office No. 4 – A. Veronica Sauceda
Superior Court Judge Office No. 16 – Sydne Jane Michel
Superior Court Judge Office No. 60 – Tony J. Cho
Superior Court Judge Office No. 113 – Javier Perez

City of El Monte
City Council Mayor – Andres Quintero
City Council – Juventino “J” Gomez

City of Duarte
City Council District 1 – Tzeitel Paras-Caracci
City Council District 4 – Margaret E. Finlay
City Council District 6 – Bryan Urias
City Council District 7 – Jarrett Stoltzfus

City of La Puente
YES ON Measure LP
La Puente City Council – Valerie Munoz
La Puente City Council – David Argudo

City of San Fernando
YES Measure A
City Council – Antonio Lopez
City Council – Sylvia Ballin
City Council – Jamie Soto

City of Baldwin Park
Mayor – Cruz Baca
City Council – Alejandra Avila
City Council – Danny Damian

City of Inglewood
Mayor – James T. Butts Jr.

City of Los Angeles
YES on Measure B

City of Santa Ana
Council Ward 2 – Sandra Pena Sarmiento
Council Ward 6 – Mirna Velasquez

YES ON Measure X
YES ON Measure I
Santa Ana Unified School – District Board (elect two) – John Palacio, Valerie Amezcua

Rio Hondo College Board
Oscar Valladares



Congressional District 35 – Norma Torres
Congressional District 36 – Raul Ruiz
Congressional District 39 – Gil Cisneros
Congressional District 41 – Mark Takano

Riverside County Supervisor – Russ Bogh
Riverside County Supervisor – Eric Linder
Riverside County Sheriff – Chad Bianco

Assembly District 40 – James Ramos
Assembly District 41 – Chris Holden
Assembly District 47 – Eloise Gomez Reyes
Assembly District 48 – Blanca Rubio
Assembly District 52 – Freddie Rodriguez
Assembly District 55 – Gregg Fritchle
Assembly District 60 – Sabrina Cervantes
Assembly District 61 – Jose Medina
Assembly District 75 – Alan Geraci

Senate District 20 – Connie Leyva
Senate District 28 – Joy Silver

Moreno Valley City Council District 4 – Cheylynda Barnard



Congressional District 24 – Salud Carbajal
Congressional District 25 – Katie Hill
Congressional District 26 – Julia Brownley

Assembly District 37 – Monique Limon
Assembly District 35 – Bill Ostrander
Assembly District 38 – Christy Smith
Assembly District 44 – Jacqui Irwin

Oxnard Harbor District
Jess Herrera
Jason T Hodge
Mary Anne Rooney

Santa Paula City Council
Jenny Crosswhite
Ginger Gherardi
Carlos Juarez

City Council District 1 – Bert Perello
City Council District 2 – Carmen Ramirez
City Council District 5 – Gabriela Basua
City Council District 6 – Vianey Lopez

Port Hueneme
City Council – Laura Hernandez
Measure U: Support (One-cent local sales tax to maintain vital city services.)

City Council – David Lopez-Lee, David Pollock

Simi Valley
Mayor – Carina Armenta
City Council – William Daniels, Phil Loos, Ruth Luevanos

Santa Barbara County
Measure G: Support (Creates an 11 member independent commission that will address redistricting in Santa Barbara County.)

City Council District 1 – Sofia Rubalcava
City Council District 4 – Erik Nasarenko
City Council District 5 – Marie Lakin
City Council District 6 – Lorrie Brown

Paid for by Service Employees International Union Local 721 CTW, CLC Workers’ Strength Committee
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Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson

Thanks for the handy list of who and what not to vote for.


Proposition 6 – Yes (Eliminate gas tax, keep your money), No (Gas tax remains in effect and increased vehicle fees, you are/will pay at least $100 m/o) The wording of the proposition is meant to confuse people. Voting YES would repeal (eliminate) the gas tax and increased registration costs saving the average consumer hundreds of dollars, and a family with multiple car thousand per year. The state already has the money for infrastructure but it is not being used properly. It is funny how we bargain to get a wage increase, and people complain about flex pay being capped but… Read more »

samuel schmid
samuel schmid

I cannot believe this wonderful union wants to keep this ridiculous gas tax of Browns.
Vote yes on 6, leys tell Brown he needs to keep his hands out of our wallet.
Vote NO on the union

Peter Ha
Peter Ha

I don’t agree on one recommendation by SEIU: I’m voting YES on Prop 6 to REPEAL GAS TAX!