RN Bargaining Update: Negotiations intensify ahead of ULP Strike!

The elected Bargaining Team for BUs 311 & 312 is STILL hard at work negotiating for a fair contract that protects patient safety!

The team spent most of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in contract negotiations with L.A. County management and is continuing through the night ahead of the scheduled start of our Unfair Labor Practice strike.

Registered nurses have been sounding the alarm about the County’s chronic retention crisis and the Board of Supervisors is listening to our demands for a strong contract. The pressure is building, and L.A. County management called our union requesting we get back to the table and reengage in bargaining!

On Saturday, negotiations lasted from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. On Sunday, negotiations lasted from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. and has continued Monday.

We have good news: For the first time, L.A. County management has expressed interest in responding appropriately to Title 22 violations! They’re open to our concerns, a pivotal development.

Make no mistake about it: Your elected Bargaining Team is driving a hard bargain. We’re dedicating whatever time it takes to reach our goal. RNs will not back down until L.A. County management puts patient safety first!

  • That means putting an end to Title 22 patient-to-nurse ratio violations.
  • That means putting an end to the chronic retention crisis affecting RNs.
  • That means putting an end to the practice of budgeting for over 1,000 RN positions and failing to fill them.
  • That means putting an end to business-as-usual at L.A. County – putting an end to regressive bargaining – and putting patient safety first!

We’ll keep you updated as negotiations progress. In the meantime, click here to sign up for a strike shift so you can help your fellow RNs #HoldTheLine and stay #UnionStrong!

Also, text SEIU to 31966 for text updates and check out the RN ULP Strike Headquarters regularly for new events and updated information.

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