RNs Stand United! Tentative Agreement Highlights

The elected Bargaining Team for Registered Nurses in BU’s 311 and 312 has voted unanimously for a Tentative Agreement that protects patients and addresses chronic nurse retention issues in LA County!

It is a huge victory for RNs, who mounted a historic Unfair Labor Practice strike campaign and forced the County back to the table to bargain in good faith.

Nearly a dozen new wins were gained in the last round of intensive bargaining that took place over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Those wins include Title 22 nurse-to-patient ratio task forces and protections, a minimum salary growth range of 16.75% and the removal of all takeaways that were previously proposed by the County.

In addition, the Bargaining Team secured a $500 signing bonus for all RNs.

A ratification schedule and complete Tentative Agreement summary will be released soon for RNs to review. The proposed 3-year contract will then need to be voted on and ratified in order to take effect. In the meantime, check the RN Headquarters at regularly and text SEIU to 31966 for updates. When we fight, we win!

The following are some highlights from the Tentative Agreement, Click Here for the Full Highlight Flyer!

Registered Nurse BU 311/312  General Economic Improvements

November 15, 2018…….2% Salary increase

January 1, 2019…….2% Retention Incentive Bonus (one-time)for employees with 3 years of County service

October 1, 2019…..2.5% Salary increase

January 1, 2020……1% Salary increase

January 1, 2020…..Additional 2% Retention Incentive Bonus (one-time) for employees with 7 years of County service

October 1, 2020……..2.5% Salary increase

January 1, 2021………2.75% Salary increase after completion of Salary Step 9

Immediately upon approval……..$500 Signing Bonus

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How about retention bonus for 2021?

Larry Woo

Did we forget to include the last 2% at 10 years of service?


So where’s the deal?

Virginia Anders-Ellmore

Is the bonus 2% of monthly salary or yearly salary?

Angela Wong

Sucks for new nurses though… We don’t get any of the bonuses.

Jennifer Jimenez

While I appreciate the union fighting for us, there is only about a $500 difference from their last offer. I still do not see the incentive for nurses to remain with the county. All I can say is…I’m not sure that I will continue to pay union dues.


Thanks for all your hard work!!!! Great results

america Verduzco

Is it 7 years of county service now or Jan 2020?
Same question for the step 9 increase


Do you have the original proposal that was offered to us before we voted to strike?

Jartu McConnell

So I am an advance Practice Nurse and I was due to go on Strike today and for additional 3 days without any pay to support the cause and solidarity, as I am looking at the tentative bargaining and being a union what was the win for NPs? Can someone let me know what is or was on the table for Us? I have not been able see it in the negotiations.
Thank you so much everyone!!


Do you have the original proposal from the board before we voted to strike? So that we may all compare.

Amperes Lawrence

What about the NP grid increase?

Nestor Renteria

This is a deal filled with lots of smoke and mirrors attempting to hide the fact that the deal is terrible. Really 2% followed by 2.5% a year later then an insulting 1% a year later with some insignificant bonuses in between. What a joke. The bonuses don’t even pay for a 1/3 of my annual UNION DUES! I can’t believe they think we are that dumb to not see the truth.


United We Stand! Next step,what will we do about non dues paying ex members. They will reap the benefits of our sisters and brothers who made the sacrifices…

Lydia Diaz

This is ONLY a 10% raise over 3 years for RNs with less than 7 years. How is this a better offer? Shouldn’t retention bonuses be for nurses with less than 5 years who are the most likely to leave?

Melanie Biston

First off, I’d like to say, to all who participated, thanks for all of your hard work, I know this was not an easy job and you will be criticized no matter what the end results are. Now, that being said, I have questions. Is the 2% bonus calculated on our gross monthly salary or yearly salary? Why is the pay increase not retroactive to the beginning of our new contract period? October 1, 2018? Why are we negotiating on something that the State of California already provides for, Title 22? Why not just enforce it with recourse if management… Read more »


Not fear what if you have two years, you’re left behind


You will probably get the 2% in year 3.

Maria Lira

The 16.75% should be given to all.


If I have less than 3 years of service at the county, I only get 8% in the next 3 years? Ridiculous.

Solainsh Soldevilla

u will get it once you turn 3 years. and the 2% is based on your annual salary.

Maria Lira

Employees with less than 3 years of service will only get 8% raise


Increase regardless if time of service, that is fear

Anna Emedom

Victory is ours!

Maria Lira

Demise is ours!

Denise Brunner

Great job bargaining team, thank you for all of your hard work!


If you have less than 3 years of experience with the county, you only get 8% in 3 years. Am I correct? Can someone please clarify?

November 15, 2018…….2% Salary increase
October 1, 2019…..2.5% Salary increase
January 1, 2020……1% Salary increase
October 1, 2020……..2.5% Salary increase

Proud RN

Are these salary increases in addition to the salary increases from the Tentative Agreement on Common Language and fringe benefits that was won for all other employees a few months ago?


Look at the wording. This is only an 8% raise over 3 years. Less then the likely cost of living increase and in the best economy the United States has ever know. This contract is a joke. Reject it!

Union member

It says “minimum salary growth range of 16.75%…” but according to my math, it adds up to 14.75%.


And what if you’ve only been in county for a year, or even 2 years? Will the 2% retention kick in when I reach 3rd year say in 2020 instead of Jan 1, 2019, making this a 10% increase? If it doesn’t, it seem like there is no intention to retain new nurses, 8% increase only. There are no *retention incentive* for me to stay for 4 years, 5 years.

I feel like nurses who have been with the county for 10 years, aren’t the ones who are likely to leave.

Won’t take crumbs

One time bonuses after years of service? That’s laughable. I’m hoping nurses recognize this was NOT a victory. WE VOTED TO STRIKE AND WE SHOULD HAVE!


Definitely not a victory. Also, those numbers do not add up to 16.75%…

Registered Nurse

If these are the highlights, when will we receive the full agreement so that we understand what we are voting for?

Alma Otey

Only 8% increase for RN’s with less than 3 years with the county.
For us that have less than 3 years with county this deal is worse than the first.
Hope this doesn’t divide us.

Maria Lira

I am rejecting the TA!