LA County Temp & Part-time Employees Bonus UPDATE!

LA County employees represented by SEIU 721 scored a major victory with our latest 3-year contract but there are still some points to work out for part-time and temporary employees.

The Agreement reached between SEIU 721 and the County of Los Angeles includes a “$1,000.00 (one time only bonus) for all units…..” The negotiated language does NOT limit the bonus to full-time or permanent employees.

However, the County claims that this was a mistake (on their part) and that they intended to offer $500 for part-timers.

As a result, the letter submitted by the CEO and approved by the Board of Supervisors on November 20 states that it is a “one-time payment of $1000 ($500 for part-time employees).” Based on the letter that the Board of Supervisors approved, the December 14 payroll will include $500 bonuses for part-time and temporary employees.

This is not the end of the story! SEIU 721 will file a grievance aimed at winning the balance of the $1000 bonus that was negotiated for ALL bargaining unit members, including part-time and temporary employees.

Stay tuned for more information about our effort to resolve this dispute fairly and hold management accountable. When we fight, we win!

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Gregory Salazar

The fine print of course something like this would happen, would be nice to have this fixed I thought we were all after the same thing not just full-time but everyone! Makes you wonder what else is in the fine print.


Did we just get the 1000 or will we be getting retro pay as well in our paycheck?

Susie C

As a temp, I did not get it… I went to Payroll, and they said that the temps don’t get it… Have any of you gotten it?

Susie C

I did not receive it, and when I went to payroll, they said that temps don’t get it. Is that true?


I did not get the retroactive 2% increase and when I went to payroll, they said that temps don’t get it. Is that true?

Lydia Pak

This is nice to hear the union working to make things better for us part time employees. However I think we also need to be given the same $100/ pay check critical care bonuses as well as the full timers. I am required to participate in dealing with violent patients just as much as any full timer in the inpatient psych setting and I deserve to be recognized for this work just the same as any full timers. I hope you will take that in to consideration and fight for us.


In my opinion it’s only fair due to the fact the paperwork stated that recurrent and part time are to receive the bonus. We signed what was asked of us and many of us were looking forward to the bonus for the holidays.

Wyvernia Brown

If you work at lease 20 hours a week you should get the full $1000.00 bonus…

LaTwashe Harris

That’s not fair we as temps & part time workers deserve the full amount $1000 bonus

Charles Mendoza

Does this include all temporary employees that have been recently been released before 12/15/2018.


So what if you were out I’ll w medical notes, you will be penalized and not receive the bonus?

Fiona Henlon

Thank you, part time employees should not have to keep suffering for county mistakes and Ill treatment.
Most “part time /temp ” employees are actually working by choice and or forced to work 40 hrs a week.


Because many part time employees work full time hours WITHOUT benefits. Wow! Way to support your coworkers


Yaaay for you. The only distinction is the pay and benefits. We all do the same amount of work. You could’ve kept your negative comment to yourself. Not sorry at all.

Paula Coleman

Thank you for supporting us. This would be a blessing. We pay our dues and should be treated the same. Either way we are blessed.

Lynn Kimbell Williams

Did not see a bonus on my 14th check. I’m working part time. Is it a mistake about us getting the bonus? Please advise.


If you are a dues-paying member of SEIU 721, you should have received a bonus. Call your payroll/HR department immediately for an explanation.


Actually you don’t have to be a member of the union, just a county employee..


i work part time for county and received my bonus but did not get retro pay like my coworkers did. been here for about 2 years why???


If this is still the case, call Member Connection at (877) 721-4YOU and explain your situation. They should be able to assist you.

K. Moore

Will I receive $1,500.00 If I work full time in Public Health and part time in DHS?
I hope so- I can always use the money!

Bridget Harris

Good afternoon will the Temporary employees get the other 500 dollar bonus?


Any updates on this issue?