San Bernardino County Court TA offers strong contract for the New Year and beyond

We’ve reached a Tentative Agreement on a two-year extension of our Memorandum of Understanding!

Thanks to the organization, determination and unity of you and your fellow Union Strong co-workers throughout the San Bernardino County Courts, our TA offers us a wage increase and a bonus as set forth below, along with increases to the medical coverage subsidy!

Your SEIU Local 721 Bargaining Team recommends a “YES” vote on this TA so that we can start to enjoy these milestone wins – and continue to stand united!


Term – 2-year extension through September 30, 2021

General Salaries – Across-the-board increases are as follows:

$1,000 Bonus – $1,000 bonus payable to each employee who is on payroll and has successfully passed their initial probationary period by December 31, 2018. The bonus shall be included with the regular payroll dated December 28, 2018.

Medical Coverage Subsidy Increases – They will take effect as follows:

For a list of upcoming General Membership Meetings and the TA Voting Schedule, click here!

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LA County 721

Will part-time employees be eligible for the $1000 or $500 bonus?

Giancarlo Carini

And what of LA county court workers? 3%+3% won’t cut it in LA. And please remember bonuses have a 40% taxation rate. A greater percentage is always better.