We Did It! L.A. County Registered Nurses Ratify Landmark Contract Protecting Patient Safety

RN TA Ratification 2018

It’s official: L.A. County Registered Nurses have ratified a strong new contract, cementing the  wins gained in our unprecedented fight for patient safety and nurse retention! Special recognition is owed to the RN Bargaining Team for their leadership as well as the Strike Captains for their unrelenting determination and leadership at their respective worksites.

Registered Nurses voted in favor of the hard-fought Tentative Agreement that includes 6% in retention incentive bonuses, first-ever Title 22 nurse-to-patient task forces, and reimbursement for RN Certification among other major wins.

The contract was approved with a resounding 94% Yes vote on Sunday. Those results bring the approximately 7,300 SEIU 721 represented RNs one step closer to locking in our new contract, which will be in effect for the next three years.

Now that RNs have voted to accept the new contract, the LA County Board of Supervisors will move forward to approve the agreement.

The contract is a huge step in the right direction, but the RN’s fight is far from over. For years, the lack of real investment in quality patient care had created a revolving door of experienced RNs leaving the County, leaving our health system understaffed and putting patients at risk. This contract marks the beginning of creating real reforms but strengthening our Union power will be key as we move forward in a spirit of collaboration with County leaders.It will take a continued commitment and engagement from RNs across the county to ensure the contract is fully enforced.

With this Tentative Agreement, nurses were successful in getting the County to agree to the creation of groundbreaking new mechanisms aimed at reducing Title 22 nurse-to-patient ratio violations, and secured funding that will keep experienced L.A. County RNs serving our most vulnerable populations for years to come.

This contract is a huge victory for Registered Nurses and the 11 million L.A. County residents they serve. It is further proof of why unions matter, and what we can achieve when we stand united!

When we fight, we win!

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DMH nurses didn’t even had a chance to vote yet.
And are we getting $1000 bonus or just $500


$500 Bonus to be issued to all full-time, permanent bargaining unit members upon ratification and approval of the Tentative Agreement. $250 Bonus for part-time or temporary employees.

Apollonia Mendoza

Why are we only getting the $500 vs $1000? My understanding was that everyone in the county recieved $1000

Registered Nurse

The “experienced” RNs aren’t the ones that are leaving…

Registered Nurse

When will this go to the BOS for approval?