Immigration Health Care-A-Van Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some helpful tips for everyone who volunteered to participate on Sat., Feb. 23, 2019.


  • DO remember that we’re here to serve. We’re not on vacation.
  • DO respect our local hosts.
  • DO respect patient privacy.
  • DO stay with our group.
  • DO remain flexible.
  • DO wear scrubs.
  • DO ask for permission before taking a photo.


  • DON’T use people as props.
  • DON’T over pack. Everything you bring with you should fit in your backpack. Items will not be left on bus.
  • DON’T loiter around.
  • DON’T bring any additional medical supplies. Just bring your basic kit, if desired. All supplies will be provided.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The families that we are interacting with are in a moment of extreme duress and sensitivity. Be respectful and treat them the way you would want to be treated.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your participation on this special humanitarian mission. Together, we rise!

Categories: Immigration Reform