Pleasant Valley Board Unanimously Votes NO on TA

The Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District Board shot down the Tentative Agreement at its last board meeting – the TA that we voted to approve.

The most frequent comment from the Board was that they “didn’t understand” why the agreement didn’t include the At Will attack on workers – we’ll call this the Lifetime Probation Clause.

Let’s be clear: this Lifetime Probation Clause is a union-busting assault, plain and simple. That’s why the Board is holding the Tentative Agreement hostage, including salary increases and retro pay.

If we allow management to drive a sledge hammer into our union membership by ramming through their Lifetime Probation Clause and completely disarming all new workers, then who is going to be left when you need someone on your side?

We have to stick together now and HOLD THE LINE. We can’t sell out our members, our future union brothers and sisters – not now and not ever!

Stay tuned for upcoming membership meetings where we’ll determine our next steps to fight back.

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View the video of the Board rejecting the TA here:

For questions, contact a bargaining team member, worksite organizer Edwin Valdez, (805) 766-7499, or Chief Negotiator Aram Agdaian at, (213) 494-8223.