LA County Members – Spring 2019 Math and Writing Courses Open for Enrollment!

Great news, there are new course offerings for SEIU 721 members this Spring!

The Department of Human Resources (DHR), in partnership with SEIU Local 721, Million Dollar Training Committee and Los Angeles Valley College, is pleased to announce that the Math and Writing Program Spring course offerings are open for enrollment in the County’s Learning Net.  These well-established developmental programs are designed to enhance employees’ writing proficiency and math skills.  Instruction for the Writing and Math Programs will be provided by Los Angeles Valley College and the Spring offerings will be conducted on campus.

For questions on the program, contact the County via Karon MacNeill, Human Resource Analyst at  (213) 639-6367 or Donald Dingess, Principal Analyst at (213) 738-2282.

>Get the program details here.

>See the course offerings here.

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