Flex your power and take your break

As our Northeast Valley Health Corporation contract negotiations continue, it’s clear: Management will not move until they feel the full force of our Union power.

So it’s time for us to start flexing that power. We’re going to do it by enforcing our rights – like taking proper breaks and clocking out for lunch.

Management is not granting us some special treat by letting us take breaks and lunches.

IT’S THE LAW. And it’s also our Union right, as stated in our contract.

So, effectively immediately, we’re going to start enforcing the rights we fought so hard for in our Union contract – BY TAKING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR BREAKS AND LUNCHES.

  • Fill out and turn in your Break Slip and indicate, in writing, that you did not receive a break
  • Email your administrator and be sure to copy your Union organizer, Berny Motto, at

Remember: Unions don’t just give workers a voice. Unions give us power and our power comes from our solidarity.

So let’s stand #UnionStrong together – because, together, we win.