‘Immigration First Aid Care-A-Van’ to take place August 17

RSVP here to join us on a special humanitarian mission. We’re headed to the US-Mexico border once again – calling on our Union’s healthcare professionals to provide emergency first aid to vulnerable children and families, who are bearing the brunt of forces well beyond their control.

Immigration First Aid Care-A-Van

Sat., Aug. 17, 2019

SEIU 721 Headquarters
1545 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Start Time: Meet at HQ (lobby) at 4 A.M.
End Time: Return to HQ between 8-11 P.M.

We are the safety net. As LA County healthcare professionals – every day – we do what it takes to make people healthy, sometimes people in extremely dire need.

But we are more than employees. We are people – and we recognize suffering by fellow humans when we see it.  As healthcare providers, we know there is too much needless anguish taking place at the US-Mexico border now for us to simply ignore it.

As our very own SEIU 721 Secretary Lillian Cabral has reminded us, many of these same suffering families eventually become our neighbors and our future patients in LA County’s healthcare network. Restoring them to basic good health now is in everyone’s interest.

That’s what compelled us to initiate our inaugural Faith Caravan back in December of 2018. It’s what motivated us to go on a second mission, our Health Care-A-Van, back in February of this year.

Now we’re putting out the call for our third journey, our First Aid Care-A-Van – and we hope you answer. Space is limited so click here to RSVP now and reserve your seat ASAP.


  • Dress in your 721 gear and/or your smocks.
  • It will be sunny so you may wish to bring a hat.
  • Our Union will provide all participants with breakfast, lunch, dinner and plenty of water.
  • If you have special dietary restrictions, let us know when you RSVP and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Unless you have a special international phone plan, we recommend keeping your cell phone off once we cross the US-Mexico border.
  • Our Union will validate parking as long as you park in the SEIU 721 Headquarters parking lot.

We look forward showing everyone – at the US-Mexico border, and beyond – what good works are possible when transcend our differences and work together.

Together, we win and together, we rise.

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Gloria Aguilar

Good morning,

Only nurses are able to volunteer for these type of events?

Melanie Henry

I am not a nurse, but would be so willing to help by doing paperwork, processing, organizing, anything I can. Is there a need for people like me? I’m a substance abuse counselor with DHS, but can stand/sit at a table and help process/organize, if needed. Please advise. Thank you.