LA County Nurses: Check Your August 30 Check for Your First Retention Bonus

Our FIRST RETENTION BONUS will finally be our paychecks! All eligible BU 311 and 312 members should receive it at the end of this month. So check your August 30 check. Make sure you get the First Retention Bonus we bargained so hard for!

EXTRA BONUSES are ready for members of BUs 311 and 312 to access, too. These include:

  • DNP Bonus
  • Specialty Bonus
  • Board Certification Reimbursement Bonus
  • PHN Certification Reimbursement Bonus
  • DMH Field/Lone Worker Bonus

IMPORTANT NOTE: SOME EXTRA BONUSES REQUIRE YOU TO FILL OUT AN OFFICIAL FORM. Don’t skip this step! Not sure if you need to fill one out? Find out by calling Member Connection at (877) 721-4YOU.

Remember: It was our union, SEIU 721, that fought hard for us to receive our retention bonuses. After needless, unacceptable delays by the CEO, our union said, “Enough!” and went straight to the top. We advocated directly to the LA County Board of Supervisors for action – and they heard us. The proof is in our August 30 paychecks!

Together, we win and together, we rise.

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