NEVHC WIC workers hold spirited Unity Breaks to fight against cuts to patient care

In a show of unity with each other and the patients they serve, Northeast Valley Health Corporation WIC workers exercised their union rights and used their break time to demonstrate against cuts to patient care.

Holding banners that said “HONK FOR HEALTHY COMMUNITIES” and chanting in solidarity, dozens of workers braved the summer heat and sent a clear message to NEVHC management: We will fight to stand united for our communities. We will fight against cuts that will harm the patients we serve. And we will fight for our union, SEIU 721.

Potential cuts to NEVHC clinics would have a major impact on the clients we serve, and on us, too. So we created bulletin boards – like the one pictured below at the Panorama City WIC – with our own personal messages where we shared how cuts could affect us and what we hope to see.

As contract bargaining continues, it’s important for all of us to remember that management is not granting us some special treat by letting us take breaks and lunches. IT’S THE LAW. It’s also our Union right, as stated in our contract.

And never forget: Unions don’t just give workers a voice. Unions give us power and our power comes from our solidarity.

So let’s stand #UnionStrong together – because, together, we win.

REMINDER: If you CANNOT take a break:

  • Fill out and turn in your Break Slip and indicate, in writing, that you did not receive a break
  • Email your administrator and be sure to copy your Union organizer, Berny Motto, at

In the meantime, contract bargaining for SEIU 721 members working in the NEVHC network has just begun. Click here to go to our online Contract Bargaining Headquarters so you can learn about all the activities currently scheduled. We’ll see you there!