2019 Regional Council elections – read the candidate statements here

SEIU Local 721 Regional Council nominations already have been received and ballots are being sent in the mail at the end of this week. Ballots must be returned by 9 A.M. on Friday, October 18, 2019. The vote count will take place that same day beginning promptly at 5 P.M. in each of the SEIU 721 Regional Offices (LA, Ventura and Riverside).

Below are statements for all Regional Council candidates who are up for election. Statements have been arranged by region and bargaining unit; then candidates are then listed in alphabetical order by last name.

City of Los Angeles – MOU 4

Dion Cornelious

Hello Everyone, I am asking for your support. MOU 4 needs someone like myself. Vote for Dion Cornelious to represent MOU 4 in the upcoming Regional Council Election. It will be an honor to represent everyone. I will continue working as one of your Union Stewards. We need a strong Representative like Dion Cornelious to help protect our jobs and make the right choices that protect our interests. I have represented all of us in a fight against contracting out of our jobs. The City of Los Angeles wanted to hire contract workers and I argued against it. New City employees will be hired as a direct result. MOU 4 workers are very proud and deserve information, great advice and someone who cares. Please support my efforts to continue the great fight. Vote for someone you can count on. Vote for Dion Cornelious!

Alfred Reed

No statement received yet.

Mary Lou Rodriguez

My name is Mary Lou Rodriguez. I am taking the opportunity to ask for your support to become a Regional Council Member. I have the experience as well as the knowledge to help my fellow members with any work-related obstacle. I have 33 years of experience working with the city of Los Angeles along with 13 years as a job steward. I have a certificate as an OSHA specialist. I have worked alongside the LA federation for a full term. I was chosen to be on the Joint Labor Management Committee, due to my strong work ethic, as well as my determination to finish anything I have started. I am not only a team player, but I will take into consideration what you guys tell me by listening to what needs to be said. Not only have I made a difference, but I know I can make a difference by serving our brothers and sisters for SEIU. I have always been a fighter, let me fight for YOU. Thank you for your support.

Ken White

I am a Chief Steward for SEIU Local 721, MOU 4. Bus Operator for 22 years, 16 years as a dedicated steward at LAX. I have been involved with the LA/OC Cities Regional Council for the past 7 years, serving as the Regional Council Recording Secretary for the past 3 years. My current and past union activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Current Representation Appeals Committee member,
  • African American Caucus,
  • SEIU Bikers Caucus,
  • Bargaining Teams,
  • Member of “The Wisconson 10”,
  • International Convention Delegate,
  • Numerous Union Actions.

Now more than ever, we need the strength of our members and strong leadership committees.  I wish to remain a member of the Regional Council to continue my work of helping the members of SEIU 721 resolve their challenging workplace issues and assisting the Executive Board through the recommendations we make. As a current member of your Regional Council, I do more than represent my MOU 4, I am here to assist ALL SEIU MEMBERS in their fight to provide quality services, receive a fare wage, benefits and job protections. I thank you for your consideration in re-electing me to your LA/OC Cities Regional Council.

City of Los Angeles – MOU 18

Jenny Day

No statement received yet.

Charles Harrell

No statement received yet.

City of Santa Ana – SAF

Jaime Lopez

No statement received yet.

Monica Suter

It is my honor to be nominated for the Regional Council to ensure the proper representation of our Chapter.  It is critical that our membership is as connected as possible to the resources of the Local and Regional Council.  In Santa Ana, we have approximately 400 part-time and 400 full-time members.  The more organizational knowledge our 800 members have, the stronger we will be.  Each time we attend trainings at “the Local” and meet other union members, we harness important skills to strengthen our Chapter. Especially in Orange County, unions, and our members continue to be under attack from anti-union forces.  Given this, we cannot do enough to ensure that we have the best tools and representation to serve our members.  My seven years of Union service ranges from various Committee Chair positions to Chapter Vice President, and to my current role as our Chapter’s President.  Through leadership and consensus-building, my goal is to ensure that we are well-represented at the regional level and that any important knowledge obtained is brought back solely to serve our members.

LA County – BU 121

Kelley Dixon

No statement received yet.

Lynnette Long

No statement received yet.

LA County – BU 711

Silva Kechichian

My name is Silva Kechichian and I am a proud Armenian-American activist of the 43rd assembly district. I currently work for Los Angeles County as a Social Worker and have been doing so for 15 years. As an active member of SEIU Local 721, I served as an elected Negotiator for the Bargaining 711 unit and a Shop Steward at DPSS IHSS, at Chatsworth office.  I am committed to serving the needs of my fellow coworkers and members and continue to represent each one of you, in solidarity. I have a proven record of success, where my strong ethics and integrity, combined with my strong leadership skills have lead us to where we are today. I am currently re-running to serve as a Regional Council member for SEIU Local 721 and I committed to make changes in union leadership. I will ensure each union voice will be heard. It will be an honor and privilege to represent you in SEIU Local 721 as a Regional Council member. Each Vote Counts!

Lawrence Reyes

No statement received yet.

LA County – BU 723

Frances De Carlo

No statement received yet.

Linda Jackson

As the Steward with SEIU Local 721, I have the afforded the opportunity to affect change and voice concerns with County Offices, for our own betterment through the Regional council. The Regional Council deserves an experienced leader to continue to raise and address members concerns to the higher level it deserves. For the past 8 years, I had the privilege of serving as a Steward at the Children’s Courts; I have not only met but exceeded by requirement while serving as a Steward. During the past 5 years I spent 6 weeks as a Member Political Organizer. I also served on the Social Worker Chapter as the Secretary and now I serve as the Co-Chair. It is a enriching experienced to be involved in the decision making process with the task of facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among the Social Workers. It is necessary to run for a second term in which I will continue to voice the concerns of all members of the Regional Council Committee level. VOTE FOR LINDA JACKSON FOR REGIONAL COUNCIL. CONTACT:

LA County – BU 731

Marcos Alvarez

Hello brothers and sisters!  I have actively been involved in Local 721 as a volunteer Shop Steward for 25years. This union has allowed me to attend numerous Sacramento, CA lobbying and fight for better conditions for active members. Currently, I remain in Dept of Social Services Lancaster District 34/37. Although it has not been easy, we at Lancaster have fought for basic health & safety consistently. As a result; through local labor management and group grievances, we have been able to add speed bumps in our parking lot, adjust safety officer’s hours that allow them to stay longer to protect our members. In addition, health & safety representatives at our request and have since then implemented new technology via alarms and monitors to protect the members immediately. I have consistently actively listened to your concerns in the hallway, in the lunch room, that allows me to pursue higher management for positive change. As a member of bargaining for 721, I intend to continue to be the fighting force and protect our memorandum of understand now and into our future. As a member in good standing, it would be an honor to be part of Regional Council

Tracey Boykins

No statement received yet.

Yolanda Floyd

No statement received yet.

Barbara Thurman

No statement received yet.

Ventura County – PRF

Rebecca Albarran

No statement received yet.

Rudy Hernandez-Roca

No statement received yet.