Riverside County Mediation Update – Sept. 2019


SEIU Local 721 and Riverside County will continue participating in mediation on September 11-13 and possibly the 14th. Although this process does not guarantee that we will reach an agreement with Riverside County, your bargaining committee has been very diligent and is working many hours to serve members of SEIU Local 721.

Mediation is a voluntary process where both the County and SEIU are coming together to discuss and attempting to reach an agreement on a successor contract (MOU). The mediator attempts to facilitate discussions between both sides in order to reach an overall agreement on an MOU and bargaining related Unfair Labor Practices.

If a tentative agreement is reached on an overall MOU through mediation, SEIU Local 721 members will have an opportunity to review all details of the agreement, ask questions, and ultimately vote to approve or reject the tentative agreement.

Once again, this process does not guarantee we will reach an agreement, however, we remain hopeful of reaching a compromise that serves our members’ interests.

In Unity,

SEIU 721 Riverside County Bargaining Team

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Miriam Contreras

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