2019 Regional Council election results

The ballots have been counted and the 2019 Regional Council election results are in! Here is a list of all the winners in Bargaining Units that held elections:


City of Santa Ana – SAF

Monica Suter


Ventura County – PRF

Rebecca Albarran


LA County BU 711 – Social Workers

Silva Kechichian


LA County BU 723 – Children’s Social Workers

Linda Jackson


LA County BU 731 – Social Services Investigators

Marcos Alvarez and Tracy Boykins (two winners)


City of Los Angeles MOU 18 – Safety and Security

Jenny Day


City of Los Angeles MOU 04 – Equipment, Operation & Labor Employees

Alfred Reed


Many thanks to everyone who threw their hats in the ring – and congratulations to all the winners.

Please note: The following members were nominated for seats on the Regional Council and were uncontested. This means they did not have to stand for election and will be seated.


City of Santa Ana – SAPN

Renee Hernandez


Riverside County – Para

Cammie Sohm


Riverside County – Supervisory

Paula Searle


Ventura County – PSUP

Eleazer Aguiniga


Pleasant Valley Parks – DPV

Jesse Gomez


Gold Coast Transit – GCB

Wilson Munoz


Gold Coast Transit – Admin

Geraldine Navarette


Ventura Superior Court – ZBP

Rosa Castro


Tri Counties – PT

Prell McGee


LA County Sanitation Districts BU 500 – Blue Collar

Ruben Rios


LA County BU 111 – Clerical and Office Services

Ella Cotton, Carol Maxey-Ware and Ana Apodaca (3 seats)


LA County BU 112 – Supervisory Clerical and Office

Lillian Cabral


LA County BU 121 – Administrative, Technical and Staff Services

Kelley Dixon and Lynnette Long (2 seats)


LA County BU 201 – Building Custodians

Morris Griffin


LA County BU 311 – Registered Nurses

Kelly Zhou


LA County BU 729 – Health Financial Support Services

Lydia Cabral


LA County BU 732 – Supervisory Social Services Investigators

Ruby Dye


LA Superior Court BU 860 – Legal Processing Unit

Matthew Torres


City of Los Angeles MOU 8 – Professional Engineers and Scientists

Kesavan Korand


City of Los Angeles MOU 15 – Service Employees

Sylvia Alvarado


City of Los Angeles MOU 17 – Sup. Professional Engineers & Scientists

Christopher Trinidad



Robert Potter


Once again – congratulations to the 2019 Regional Council winners!



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This was not a fair election as a lot of Public Works members didn’t receive a ballot