Riverside County TA Worksite Meeting Schedule

After more than three years of worker actions, almost 40 ULPs, a 2-day strike, and numerous negotiation sessions your bargaining committee is pleased to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with Riverside County!

SEIU members will have an opportunity to vote on the tentative agreement. The TA summary can be found below. In addition, we will be scheduling worksite meetings throughout Riverside County to educate members on the details of the tentative agreement and hold ratification voting. You can see a schedule of worksite visits below.

It has not been easy, but through your commitment to Riverside County workers and residents we are happy to say that we’ve finally reached a resolution.

In Unity,
Riverside County Bargaining Team

Worksite Visit Schedule

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Kathleen Guest

I am a long time (over 30 years) employee of Riverside County and the proposed contract that you are trying to get us to vote for is totally unfair to us older, long time employees. I don’t have to pay for medical for my son and currently get cash back from my flex benefits. The contract you are proposing pushes me backwards! The 2% that won’t hit until 2021 & 2022 AFTER we lose 1% in 2020! I am retiring in 2022 and the so called raises do not even come close to what I will be losing if this… Read more »

Victoria Ragan

The way I am reading this.. we are losing the cash back from our flex benefits. That will cost me $212 a month. This is not a good deal or anything that will be balanced with a COLA or a comparable STEP increase. This is not fair or something anyone should be excited about.

Kathleen Guest

I agree Victoria. I have worked for the County for over 30 years, and under this contract I will lose a substantial amount of money every, single month! In fact, since I am capped out, I will lose an additional 1% on top of the flex cash back. I hope that everyone does the math and votes NO!

Monica Montes

I don’t agree with losing my cash back from my flex benefit.