City of Riverside Bargaining Team Nominations

What is a Bargaining Team?

Bargaining Teams are now being formed for the 2020 Contract Negotiations. A Bargaining Team is a committee of Local 721 members who are elected to lead Local 721’s bargaining campaign. Bargaining Teams work with Local 721 members to identify issues and develop contract proposals. Bargaining teams meet with Management to negotiate over contract proposals. Most importantly, bargaining teams help to build our Contract Action Teams at the workplace to keep all Local 721 members informed about the progress of bargaining and to move Local 721 members into action to win the best contract possible.

Bargaining generally takes place on City time, but bargaining team members must be prepared to meet frequently on their own time to develop proposals and plan actions.


  • You may nominate yourself or any other Local 721 member by completing the Nomination Form below, including the Candidate Statement.
  • This is not a ballot. Only one nomination form per candidate is necessary. Submitting more than one nomination form for the same candidate will not increase his/her chance of winning a seat.
  • Nominations must be received at Local 721 by 5:00PM on Friday, January 24, 2020.
  • You may nominate members for the bargaining team by using the electronic form below or downloading and submitting a paper form.


An election will be conducted after January 24th if the number of candidates exceeds the number of available seats on the Bargaining Team.

Only members in good standing are eligible to nominate, be nominated or serve on the bargaining team. 

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