Breaking News: SEIU Local 721 COVID-19 Emergency Update

SEIU Local 721 Renews Call on Los Angeles County to Provide 80 Hours of Paid Sick Leave to Full-Time Employees

After analyzing the provisions of HR 6201, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, SEIU Local 721 has again called on the County of Los Angeles to provide an additional two weeks (80 hours) of paid sick leave to all full-time employees – and a pro-rated share to part-timers.

Under the guidelines of the Department of Labor, the sick leave would be paid at the regular rate of pay up to $511/day, or a total of $5,110 if it is used due to the employee’s own health issues related to the COVID-19 emergency. A maximum of $200/day up to $2,000 would be available to use for the care of someone else, such as a sick family member or a child who is at home due to school closure. Employees would be able to use this emergency paid sick leave before they take other benefits (regular sick leave, personal time, vacation) if they so choose.

Employers who elect to provide the emergency sick leave have until April 17 to do so. However, in light of the nature of the emergency, SEIU has called on the County to make the paid sick leave available as soon as possible.

The CEO’s office has been researching the applicability of HR 6201 to Los Angeles County and is expected to make policy decisions soon.

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Worried Worker

What about those of us who are no longer allowed to come to work? Do we get any pay?

Jaclyn Amezcua

So it’s still pending approval correct? We have until April 17 to use this emergency sick time?


How about those employees who are not union represented? Do they get non-elective hours? Megaflex employees?

My Hoang


My Hoang

Are we only allowed 80 hours of leave due to closure of schools AND illness related to Covid 19? Is there any additional 70% percentage leave as stated in earlier announcements for any Covid 19 related incidents after? Schools are closed for more than 6 weeks! What if we are subjected to quarantine due to exposure more than once? Will we be covered for incidents related for up to 12 weeks? Thank You union for being my voice…. a Louder Voice. !

County Employee

In this article you are calling for an ADDITIONAL 80 hours. In addition to what, the 80 hours originally called for.. so a total of 160 hours? Also originally we were asking for 80 hours sick + unlimited 70%, where did the 70% go? I know these are pressing times but really FULL PAY for 65+ and underlying conditions no questions asked? The majority of people can’t telework. To be clear: Everyone under 65, healthy and can’t telework will have to come to work and eventually get infected, cool got it! Remove all previous conditions (65+, underlying conditions get to… Read more »


Thank you!!!

T rob

When is the Union going to put out an official response to COVID-19 – employees who can Tele-Work. Can you tell us who (which categories of workers) can Tele-Work, if you are:65 and olderEmployees with respiratory problems: AsthmaEmployees who are Tele-Work Equipped (already given County laptop, Cell-phone, and Wi-Fi Connection) and certified.   We should have been the first permitted to Tele-Work.Regular Employee’sOur “current”  Manager personally does not believe in Tele-work “whatsoever”.  That’s why we are section of the last section still at work, everybody else is gone.  This is ridiculous.Not to mention, all of us trainers are Tele-Work Equipped, and certified.


Suggestion: Those with underlining health conditions should be given non-essential status to be safe at home

Sandra cano

Yes no doubt if we have Fmla for are self we have a chronic illness we should be not working??

Irene Teran

When is next meeting?