Food Drive for Unions Members — Tomorrow in Commerce

When the going gets tough — the labor movement always jumps into action.

On Friday, March 27th from 10AM to 2PM the County Federation of Labor will be hosting a massive food distribution at the IBEW Training Center in Commerce.

Working families are struggling during this unprecedented crisis, and we know that many workers are in dire need of basic resources including groceries. If you need food, or know somebody that direly needs it, please send them over.

There’s a drive-thru system to ensure the safety of every person at the food distribution event.

Together we will rise.

RSVP here: 

Food Drive Info 

Date: Friday, March 27th

Time: 10am to 2pm

Location: IBEW Training Center, 6023 Garfield Ave, Commerce, CA 90040

For additional resources visit:

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Mercedes Salazar

Can my husband or my son go? I’ll be working.

Alex Raich

In this hard times I will like to say SEIU 721 family thank you. Thank you for your strong support and dedication to all the members and their families. I’m proud to be a member of SEIU 721 family. May God bless you all for supporting those who have been affected the most.

Shirley Inés-Marcelle

Is the food distribution for anyone or only union members?

Annamarie Dixon

Union members

Dorothy Castaneda

I’m wondering the same thing!

A union member

It states for union members

Lynn Nottingham

I have a patient that would benefit. What do I need to do to sign him up?


I thank Seiu721 as well for always sharing valuable information and fighting for us.
God bless you! I also want to know if I can send my son and does everyone have to be a Union member to participate?

Angelica avila

Do I have to be a union worker to pick up food from this location?


does my husband have to bring proof I’m a county worker if he goes in my place due to I’m at work

Tyoni Jackson

Thank you Union family for this thoughtful gesture. This is wonderful. So many of us need right now..May God bless us all!!


When registering does the ticket amount need to match the size of household or is it just one ticket per car?

Gloria Vazquez Esqueda

Can I pick up for co workers? Or can I send my daughter? Is ID required? Is it for Members only?

Maricela Trejo

Is this strictly for union members?


Will there be toilet paper?


Hi do you need volunteers? I’m off tomorrow I can come help.

Amanda Lewis

Thank you for your continual support in providing yet again court ther health of our families. Blessings upon Blessings upon Blessings

Irma soto

Can my sister or daughter go? I’ll be working

Christina L Velasquez

Can a friend pick up the good since I’m working?

Jennifer Cornejo

Is it for union members only or any family in need? Also will a badge be needed? Like in case a family member goes in your place.

Beverly McLawyer

Are the students at the Los Angeles County College of Nursing allowed to pick up food


Does each ticket get to receive food? Or is it per 2 tickets?

Getro Elize

What can I do to help?


Can none union members get food/retIred SEIU Local 1000.

D. Ramos

Can I let my next door neighbor know about this?

Angela Smiley

I dont have a car, but can I still come and get food

Cheryl Hartford

I tried to use the RSVP link but it say sold out…
since I cannot register can I still go

Angela Smiley

I don’t have a car, can I still come to pick up the food

A Sobers

Is it only for union members only?


Hello can we carpool

Norma puentes

I need food water Im disable out of wrk I work for DPSS dist 11 . I Leave in S F Valley I need help.

Guadalupe Isabeles

I will be working, my mom has my RSVP number she will be going tomorrow… thank you for your help SEIU 721



Amanda Lewis

Im working can my co worker pick it up for me she gets off work before me…. but ive already registered under my name. Can i give her my ticket number if so where do i find it

Adriana guzman

How can o register my dad, hes 68 and in need of food also.


I just registered but I’m at work can my parents pick it up for me and can I give them the RSVP CONFIRMATION #??


3 of us coworkers are going during lunch hour. Is it okay to carpool ?

Maria dolores Olloqui

My son will be going for me and their is 4 in family i did give him my code # is that ok


Is this for only union members ? It says also for families in need ? Please respond. I RSVP’d but dont want to go if I cant recieve
I was cut from my job and can really use .


I attempted to RSVP…unable

Lillian segura

Unfortunately..we have to work..during those hours….can you come to us or schedule later hours?

Florita chavez

Why the line is not moving if it’s a drive through to pick up food we’re on Slauson and Alexander st


Omg the lines are insane !! Seems like hours waiting ! Had to leave and head back to work.


We just went and the line was down several blocks, the line wasn’t even moving and i thought the event started at 10? We had to leave and go back to work

Esther Gomez

Would this be on county time or do we submit for or time m


Why is the line so long…..




How long is it?

Esther Gomez

It’s this on our time or county time?


I am here on line to pick up, I have a reservation #, however, people out here are saying that the event is closed.
Is that correct?


Then why are they not telling us not to be waiting here in line. There is people with vest walking around.
Shouldn’t they be notifying everyone in the line?


There is people with neon green vest walking around the line of cars.
Shouldn’t they be notifying us, so that we are not out here just waiting?


Can I come without rsvp ticket?


This has to have been the most unorganized event ever. People were cutting the lines, workers didnt know any information and there was law enforcement that was announcing the food bank was closed at 1050am. I’m highly upset that I was in line at 830am and was not able to receive any can goods. I hope we can do better next time.


So what does that mean about the people who the sheriff’s told the food bank was closed. We came to sit in line for 2 hours & was dismissed. While those who were behind us were able to get food. Maybe if communication with law enforcement was fluid, everything could have been fair. Where can we volunteer, so I can ensure that this injustice wont repeat.


If you were in line you would’ve received a box of food. I got to the line at 10:30 and it moved inches until about 12:08pm. The Sherriff’s asked the event to stop until they figured out how to redirect traffic, what line to use and close down a section of the Garfield Ave. Once they started the assembly line, it went smooth. I was out within 20 min. Thank you to all the volunteers for being out in this weather and dealing with impatient people.

mike jones

should just waked up like me honey. i was in at 10;05 and done at 10;20

Kayleen Souza

Any union? Or just your union?

Linda Palacio

Is every ticket counted for. If you have ticket for food drive are you guarantee a box?
Does food drive stop right at 2:00pm. Some of us are working today..

Thank you for what you are doing. God bless you!

Rae H.

Will this be for today only, or will there be other times?