Los Angeles County Agrees: All Non-Essential Employees Will Telework

In response to the Union’s demand, the CEO will direct all Department Heads to place all non-essential employees in telework status and allow employees to work from home during the Safer at Home and Stay at Home orders. If the Department is unable to assign work that can be done remotely, non-essential employees will still be placed in telework status and will still be allowed to remain at home.

Each Department will determine which jobs are essential and which are non-essential.

Non-essential employees may be redeployed to essential functions at a later date.

All LA County workers who are deemed non-essential are advised to speak with their direct supervisor to confirm telework assignment or telework status. If you have any issues with having your telework status confirmed, please contact us via the online incident form and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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Marie franklin

I work in east agency as a custodian I have been told to show up to work this Saturday there are no recreational working on Saturdays please advise me on what should I do next ty

Jane doe

Who is considered non essential? Is there a list stating titles of non- essential workers?
Also a list for underlying medical conditions?
These are questions I have heard being asked.

Crystal Robinson

I’m thinking if the work can be done from home, they are nonessential. Essential, I think would be cleaning crew because they cant clean the building from home. If I wasnt in the at risk group of people, I would go in and help the cleaning crew at my office. I left thursday because my doctor placed me on leave due to my asthma. I’m hoping I get full pay, or be considered as a teleworker.

Debra Zamudio

I am compromised lung condition as well. Do you know where to get telework form?

Debra Zamudio

Me as well exactly what you posted. How do I get telework form?

County Employee

In fact, it’s hard to imagine anything more essential than the work that you, our Los Angeles County employees, are currently performing.

I am writing to underscore that in Los Angeles County government, we are all essential.

By law, every County employee is also a disaster service worker and considered essential.

Concern employee

I can not agree more, but like all essential or non essential employees. I understand we are mandated disaster service worker and if call upon I don’t think we won’t comply. But, if an employee can work from home and do not directly service the public. I don’t understand why jepordize your employees, by not providing the needed materials to make us feel safe while at work. Additionally, Many administrators are not happy with the telecommuting and have cancelled vacations or threatening to terminate telecommuting if they are not happy with production. My opinion is people have enough to worry… Read more »

mike jones

Now that some people have been allowed to telecommute the insanse micro management has already started. Management hates telecommuting since they can’t harass and watch you every second of the day. Some managers have poor knowledge of the actual work so watching people is all they know how to do. The blatant unnecessary threats given out by management to teleworkers are disturbing. Many managers are upset because they want to be home teleworking too. So they give hell to those who are.

jane doe

Given that you are unable to do your work from home than perhaps you ARE ESSENTIAL?
Now, what if you do qualify for the underlying health issues, does county still NEED to make you a teleworker? I feel if you qualify for the underlying health issues you should just be able to stay home and be safe? this is not the case I am currently hearing from management?!
I was just informed that they are not accepting anymore applicants for the teleworkers at this moment because they have a limit. so…..??? now what?

Christina Velasquez

What position are essential an non essential?

Sandra Perez

I have a whole list of illnesses that weaken my immune system, from intestinal to fibro. Am I considered as high risk by the County standards? I also have a child with asthma.

Kelli Evans

I have fibro as well and was just talking with a friend about this last night. I went into the emergency room with flu like symptoms last week and was immediately taken back and the first thing the ER doc mentioned was my fibro.. Oh, and it was just an upper respiratory infection. I was taken off work for a week.

Janice Fletcher

Emergency Response CSW’s NEED to be receiving hazard pay. This is crazy that we are jeopardizing our health. We cannot FaceTime, Skype or use other programs to interview our clients under investigation. We have to be in the homes and assessing them. By going into these homes or other facilities where we can bring something home and pass it to my family.

Kateri Carriere

Has the union responded to you? It’s unconscionable they haven’t addressed this

Concerned worker

Yes please detail which depts and workers are considered ‘essential’. Many depts will be crutched because we can not do our work due to the what is happening any way. Also please address the lack of social distancing because our cubicles are so close together. Our safety and health needs to matter to someone. Also the fact that we are coming home to children, spouses and even some elder roommates or family members who because of one of us may get sick if there are any carriers at our work locations.

mike jones

great victory. next battle is most department heads if you leave up to them will say essential due to future funding request. lets crack down non essential claiming they are ESSENTIAL when they are not(CSSD)

Concerned worker


Belinda Caldera

Can you please specify which classifications are considered Non-essential?

Debra Zamudio

hello hope everyone is fairing well. I have a question. Where can I get the telework form for my boss to sign?

Crystal Robinson

I found it on the county hr website. You have to go through the different links. There was also an HRM released on March 17th that has all the telework info in it. is the link. You will just have to search through the different links there. Hope this helps! Stay safe, fellow County workers!


The workers whom are still working on site will they have hazard pay. ?

Hampik Anadolian

I am an essential employee but have an underline condition (Asthma) can my department force me to come to work. Department wants to have a rotation of people that goes in to work and some that telework. Please Advise Thank You


I am in The same position. Does anyone have an answer for this?

Sharronn Thompson

I called my facility today HUCLA to find out if hospital ward Intermediate Clerks are considered “Non-Essential” or “Essential” employees & If Tele-Work is even an option for us as we’re on the “Front Lines” in a patient care setting. It seems that they don’t have an answer for this. I was told to call back at 5:00 am on Monday 3/23/2020 which is my next scheduled work day to get clarification. Mind you I called our staffing unit and was transferred to the House Supervisor who stated the above. They don’t seem to know anything.

Crystal Robinson

This could have been announced after work hours for the House Supervisor, keep that in mind. I am thinking the same because I did speak with my immediate supervisor on Friday around 3pm and she didn’t know much. I saw this post later in the evening, too late to call her back, or even the office as everyone was already gone for the weekend (I’m a DPSS employee).

mike jones

Just like everything else in life it’s all about the moolah. Departments are more concerned about a loss or reduction of federal, state or county funding if workers are not on the job. Federal and state funding trumps employee safety and well being as far as your dept is concerned.. Departments want those fat checks to keep rolling in without interruption. Uncle Sam, the state or county may hesitate to send said funds if departments are shut down or if employees are not on post. This is the reason you see so much resistance.

Sonja Wilson

Please share with members information about on line classes for professional development.


My unit commander recently traveled to NZ which has 36 new cases in the last 24 hours. She flew in Thursday and was in the office on Friday. Who can I report this to?


LA Public Health Dept
(888) 700-9995

Let me Telework

LA County says all of their employees are considered essential. So how does this do anything for us? My job is super mobile and I could 100% work from home, but they won’t let me for some stupid reason. Instead they move me to an office with more people and put me in a training room. This is ridiculous. Just let me telework so I can stay safe and healthy (and not be having an OCD breakdown in the bathroom, washing my hands 10 million times because I can’t handle it).

County Employee

SENT ON BEHALF OF SACHI HAMAI, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER To All County Employees: As our efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 intensify, Los Angeles County’s Health Officer and the Governor of California have issued important new directives that ban all public and private gatherings, direct residents to stay at home as much as possible, and order the closure of malls, playgrounds and all other “non-essential” businesses—from golf courses to nail salons. Essential businesses like grocery stores, gas stations and banks are all still open for business—and so is the County of Los Angeles. In fact, it’s hard to imagine… Read more »

Joi Carter

Will essential employees get hazard pay?

Cindy Razzetti

My office is stating they only have 2 days a week to telework from home but I would have to use my own time for the rest of the time off. I only have percentage time left. I am on medication for anxiety and depression and have doubled up on my medication that makes me sleepy. My boss say that I would be a liability and it may be best to stay home. I am upset because there would be less money coming in.

Naomi Evans

Hello. I, like some, have an underlying medical condition that may be compromised, but I believe all will be well. DPSS is allowing for telework a couple days out of the week, which is better than nothing, and we are to rotate days with other employees. However, what is being done for those of us, who do not have anyone to watch our children. There are no daycares available, no school until May, what do we do when we have no options for anyone to take care of our children, or the compromising situations we are putting ourselves and our… Read more »

Jane Doe

I’m on the same page! Staff 65+ and staff with underlying conditions/ADA are of priority! We should be reasonably accommodated with 5 days of Telework not a “scattered schedule.”

Nobody seems to know anything when I call or email to inquire on my Telework status/confirmation. HRD’s Risk Management section says the office head is responsible to make those final decisions and the Director says it’s HRD who needs to advise our district office. It’s all so frustrating and stressful to be in the dark!

Jane Doe

My DPSS office head only addresses staff 65+ as priority; staff with underlying conditions/ADA are NOT associated nor addressed as At-Risk. We are being grouped with non-priority staff and not yet given Telework confirmation/status. This is discrimination against staff with chronic illnesses/underlying conditions.

Management Analysts are M.I.A. to answer any questions and/or to provide real-time updates. Our office head keeps saying that SEIU’s agreements are Only Proposals. Meanwhile, at-risk staff are asked to use their own Sick time for Self-Care /payroll.


Those still required to show up at the office, when do you guys fight for us to get hazard pay?


Those still required to go to the office, when will you guys fight for our hazard pay?


As a paying member, I am truly disappointed in the response for the well being of DPSS workers. it’s been over 2 weeks and DPSS had been slow to take action just like my union! Management was quick to authorize vacation time for up to a month for certain workers last week and now refuses to even authorize a day or two for workers who have stuck it out in waiting for any updates or changes. Management was quick to send and allow workers 65+ to leave without even confirming if they could actually set up the system on their… Read more »

Belinda Alexander

Im. Unit ICT Cleck . With children under 18 and I take care off doing her home dialysis. What type of work can I do at home.

vhc 721

That’s a great question — I am sure you aren’t the only one with this concern. I will get someone to answer this. In the meantime, Member Connection 1-877-721- 4YOU will always be the quickest resource.