Union Bargaining Committee Meets with LA County, Presses Proposals to Protect Health and Safeguard Employees’ Financial Security

The full effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have yet to be felt but many SEIU 721 members are already being impacted. Our union has been hard at work ensuring that members’ health and safety needs are given full and complete consideration as we work with LA County to help control the spread of COVID-19. Here are some major developments and policy changes.

Sick Leave

The County has agreed to waive medical certification during the COVID-19 emergency, so that sick leave may be used for any COVID-19 related situation.

Employees Over Age 65 and those with Underlying Conditions

The County has agreed that employees in these higher risk categories should work remotely and continue to receive full pay without being required to use sick leave. If no remote work is available, some departments have placed employees on paid administrative leave. In other cases, employees are being told to use their leave time. The County is still considering the Union’s proposal that ALL higher risk employees who self-isolate continue to receive full pay without use of leave.

Telework and Modified Work Schedules

The County has agreed to the Union’s proposal to expand telework opportunities and modified work schedules during the COVID-19 emergency. Departments have been strongly encouraged to try to accommodate all such requests.

Attendance Policies

The County has agreed to place a moratorium on attendance-related corrective or disciplinary actions during the COVID-19 emergency.

Sanitation Stations and Personal Protective Equipment

The County has agreed to furnish hand-washing/sanitation stations in every County worksite, and is working to supply employees with necessary personal protective equipment. Employees who choose to use their own protective equipment will be allowed to do so.

Part-Time, Temporary, and Recurrent Employees

The County is working hard to develop plans to maintain the employment of part-time, temporary and recurrent employees during the emergency. And the CEO’s Benefits Division is working on a plan to allow part-time employees to maintain health benefits even if their hours are reduced.

Additional Paid Leave

The Union has proposed 80 additional hours of 100% sick pay and unlimited hours of 70% sick pay during the COVID-19 emergency. The County is analyzing recently enacted federal legislation and pending state legislation before responding to the Union proposal. The County has committed to providing a response as soon as possible.

Now, more than ever, is the time for us protect ourselves and one another by staying in contact with our union. It’s important we stay on the same page to avoid confusion and to focus on the facts. So make sure your co-workers are receiving these updates – which they can do by supplying our union with their most up-to-date contact information. It’s easy. Anyone can update their membership info here.

Together, we rise.

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Denice Vargas

What about those of us who are pregnant?

Celia Tisnado

What about Hazard pay

Susan Robledo

How long will the county allow the senior employees to work at home. Is it worth the effort.


If I don’t have childcare because of the school closures do I have to use my own time and can I be forced to bring my children to work if they are offering daycare at the hospital? My daughter is in the high risk category and I am fearful of bringing her to work.

Marie pacia

Which high risk employees are qualified?


Isn’t it endangering the county workers who are still in the offices amongst each other? This is an airborne virus so even if they have places to wash hands what’s their solution for killing the virus in the air? It isn’t anyone’s fault but people also have anxiety in the offices when we hear our coworkers coughing and sneezing and they don’t go home and we aren’t allowed to say anything. We aren’t helping to not make others sick when we could also take it home… such a shame.


I requested to work remotely since our clinic are so downsized. I was told no with no discussion of what I’ve been doing and how it could be done from home. There are too many nurses and clerks still coming to work in outpt with very little work due to the downsizing.. Why are we all still here?


I also saw several employees who are visibly sick and engaging with admin/management but don’t get sent home!

Lois Harris

What about employees as myself with childcare issues? Do we use our time? Me personally do not have enough to cover the time out to care for my grandkids. It’s been a week thus far I have been out waiting for my remote access approval. I’m worried that I can’t pay my bills in the meantime.

Shyrle V Johnson

I am a high risk county employee who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and am presently waiting to go to surgery. I am reporting to work each day because I want to use sick leave presently available for FMLA. I can’t afford to stay home and be required to use my available sick and vacation time during this pandemic. I’ve been saving my time for FMLA. Please advise.

Jasha Johnson

If the governor has ordered us to stay home, why are CSSD employees still expected to report to work? The department should be shut down until 4/19/20, period.

Sylvia Rodriguez

Truly appreciated. The Governor asked that those if us with preexisting chronic illnesses self quarentine. In my case, I have rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune deficiency), as does my son (multiple sclerosis…also an auto immune deficiency). If course I was going to stay home! My personal accrued time should be reinstated so that when this quarantine need is over, if I get sick, I will be able to access that personal time for illness needs. Please push for the 100% pay. Have my time reinstated. I know this is only one household of many!


These proposals are ridiculous!! No one in private industry is getting any of this! You should be off with pay like the rest of us! What a waste of taxpayer money!


My daughter is in private industry. She and all the others in her place of employment are given a month off with pay. This was from their CEO. So maybe it just depends on what private industry one works where it would seem all the proposals seem ridiculous if you’re not offered the same.


Do your research before you post! Private industry is allowed to apply for temporary unemployment for all these issues that are being proposed. County employees do not contribute to EDD thats we have a Union to fight for us to receive same.

Markeitha M Harris

We need to ensure that all supervisor & nurse managers are aware so they can stop denying the staff to be off.
I fall under the chronic disease category


I asked to work remotely, which is totally doable, but was met with a flat no. No discussion on how it could or couldn’t work. Just a flat no. I told my manager that it was impossible to keep my distance from people and she suggested I put take up to block the front desk from staff who need access to the front desk.. what??


Any discussion regarding employees who have children that are school aged and are doing remote learning? As a healthcare worker remote work is not an option, but at the same time need to take care of their children.

Jeanine St. Hill

My department asks me to provide a doctors note because I was sick.

Rosario Perez

Is the 80 hrs of sick time in effect right now?

Carol Rodriguez

If I’m on Disability as of 2/20/20. Am I Entitled to the Additional 80 hrs of 100 % Sick and 70 % of Unlimited Parentage Sick Time. I Will be out on Disability until July. I’m Concerned. Thank You Carol Rodriguez

Cindy Razzetti

I suffer with depression and anxiety due a work related incident and injuries. I am on a modified work order which the most highest is to be working in a area with minimal contact with employees and public. But with the current pandemic my anxiety has increased to where I have had to increase my medication that causes drowsiness to where I fall asleep very easily. I want to know if I can qualify for paid administrative leave. Unfortunately I am unable to bring my work home because I take care of filing timekeeper paper work. Please advise. Ty

Syreeta Diamond

We as Clerical staff for Los Angeles DMH need Non-essential vs. Essential employees DEFINED!!!☹Because processing paperwork can wait until the Safer at Home Ordinance is lifted! We need answers!

Anissa Muhammad

There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for the standing up for SEIU 721 members. I had to take 2 days off so that I could go to stores to secure my home. You see, going early in the morning was not feasible because of long lines conflicting with work hours. After work hours, goods my family needed were gone. Very seldom does anyone consider the needs of the working class.
The SEIU struck a mighty blow to those in positions of power. Thank you.

Gloria Vazquez Esqueda

Would the union assist with utilities and morgage payments in this time of hardship ?

William Shih

Who will implement the laptops authorized workers have to download all required softwares for performing the teleworking? By worker themselves by instruction procedures? Or by IT Dept technicians?

Gloria Vazquez Esqueda

Would the union help with mortgage payments and utilities pa s t due bills?

Kenn Turner

What about the retired members and their checks.


1) Is this for represented employees only?

2) what about those co-workers who
Where very recently out of country and now back at work?


What about Hazard Pay? Speaking for City Of Long Beach Refuse workers


Why is our department surveying if we have personal computers in order to telework? I do not feel comfortable giving IT access to my personal computer and I’m sure I do not have the security in place in order to work with confidential information, efficiently.

Michael Carreon

At Acton Rehabilitation Center We are still admitting clients with coughs and fevers. I think we should stop admitting new clients at Acton Rehab center we also do not have gowns protective equipment somebody needs to listen to us or will just file Workmen’s Comp. claim for everything. 1/661/223/8853

Steven Lowe

What about FT employees. If we get shut down completely, will we get paid or not?

Good evening I am concerned with workers who are over 65 years old or older and have several underlying conditions. There is no way to do remote work at home due to Hippa. These workers are reviewing medical documents on a daily basis. The Stay Home rule is being followed. When do we know how our time off with 100% paid leave begins? Will our managers be informed?? I am one following the Stay Home rule. Need answers please. thank you SEIU for being on top of the demands with LA County workers.

Sheila Hicks

What the options for IHSS provider? Do will still services are consumer? What precautions do we take?

Llanet Acosta

Since we are all designated as first responders, for us that dont recieve hazard pay we need it. It should be retroactive paid to your hire date.

Also, since we all work either 10 or 12 hr shifts can the city have a temporary contract with food retailers, like costco, sams, walmart, target, food 4less etc that first responders are given 1 day a week to shop for essentials before the public.

The public keeps hoarding items and by the time we can go shop uts gone.


I think everyone is at risk and should be paid hazardous pay most everyone that works and the department of health services we all come in contact with many people

Carolina Lewis

Great Job keep it up!!!


When will the county give a response to the union’s proposals?


Hearing of possible deployment of myself & my Ambulatory Surgical Center team to hospitals 60plus miles one way drive. If this is to happen does seniority play in to who they select?

Uchechukwu Umeibe

Ordinarily the $15.00 hourly paid is not making any sense considering the amounts of work we put on the ground to safe life, not to talk in this critical period that nothing extra is provided as the outcome of the outbreak


My 3 years old son with asthma who has pneumonia 4 times within 6 months and I am concern for his well being and I don’t want to take the risk leaving him at daycare. I want to know if I am allowed to use sick time to take care of him. Management is telling me no and I need to know if county approved it.

Trynett L Walker

in response to the proposed 80 additional hours of 100% sick pay and unlimited hours of 70% sick pay during the COVID-19. Was there a due date for response or simply as soon as possible??


1) When will the county give a response to the unions proposal?
2) the 80 hour sick leave would it be for all employees or is it only for ages 65 and older?


I’m only getting 6 hrs a week, Not sure if I’m suppose to be working more hrs or is this what there able to give me as a Part timer during this Crises.

Did we get approved for paid leave if we meet the criteria 65 years old and older, and having underlying medical conditions? Also, cannot Do remote work at home??


Are financial non er workers considered essential? Not getting the pay risking themselves not being provided with any protection having face to face contact with potential cov -19 virus??????


Are we still obligated to provide a doctor’s note if out sick? Can vacation be used in lieu of sick? Also, can sick and/or vacation be used to care for children due to school closures?

T Whyte

The county is not acting fast enough to protect the employees. It is just a lot of rhetoric on paper. What was the reasoning behind cancelling all vacations until the end of May?


We need answers! I left a voicemail Thursday and still haven’t received a call back. My department Manager keeps denying my telework request. I work as an ITC, no phone calls coming in, office is closed to the Public. Absolutely no reason why I should even be here. I’m sitting around all damn day staring at walls. It needs to be defined who is essential and who is not!!!!

Ana Gonzalez

DPSS has let their employees down. In this day and age, we should have the technology to work at home and have a plan in place to for work to be picked up and deliver back like Fedex. DPSS is a reminder of FEMA on steroids, what a disaster that was. We have been offered RDO’s for what. We are still to close to each other and people are stating that they are going out, visiting, go to hospital etc.. it’s a matter of time before we get sick and RDO’s do nothing for us. The powers that be, just… Read more »