Ventura County – Clarification on Labor Relations Challenge 80-Hour Attestation Forms



Our union knows that the Coronavirus pandemic is paramount on everyone’s mind – especially those of us working directly on the frontline. Since March 13, we have been in constant communication with Labor Relations, demanding to be kept abreast of all communications sent to our members from throughout the County – including the CEO’s Office, the County PIO and various County Agencies.

So, our union was not blindsided when word surfaced the Labor Relations planned to challenge the official resolution recently passed by the Board of Supervisors making 80 hours of time available for members during this COVID-19 crisis. But we can provide some much-needed clarity.

Contrary to what some members have heard, the following are NOT requirements needed to submit an 80-Hour Attestation Form:
•    You do not have to exhaust your vacation or sick leave banks before being eligible for these hours.
•    You do not have to pay back these hours once you use them.
•    These hours are only available up until April 4th unless noted by the Board of Supervisors.

However, you ARE allowed to use partial hours as part of these 80 hours if you work part of the day. For example: You are able to work 4 hours of your shift but need 4 of these hours (or any other combination of hours to keep yourself whole) due to childcare needs and must leave for the day.

If you wish to submit an 80-hour Attestation Form and you are able to check off one of the stipulations, please submit it to your supervisor or department manager for final approval. All of the other reasons listed on the Attestation form that apply to your situation are also allowed with manager approval.

Remember: There are no other requirements other than what is listed on the form that will stop you from applying.

But remember you will still be required to request a leave of absence if their absence is going to be more than 3 consecutive days.  This will ensure that all leave entitlements that the employee is eligible for are tracked and communicated properly

If you are tested and are COVID-19 positive you will be required to bring in medical certification stating that you have recovered and are able to return to work once the quarantine period has ended.

Labor Relations is working on an FAQ regarding this program and these procedures. We will continue to address your concerns or any roadblocks that your agency may try to use to Labor Relations to remove them.

We realize that various county departments and agencies have issued independent protocols and procedures to their employees. Feel free to forward any memos or instructions you have received to our office. It’s important that our union is aware of potentially conflicting directives so we can get you clarity as quickly as possible.

As always, feel free to contact your Worksite Organizer, Regional Director Danny Carrillo at or Regional Coordinator Akemy Bon-Flores at for any questions or concerns you may have about this program.

We will update you as more information becomes available during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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