COVID-19 County of Ventura Health Care Agency Update

County of Ventura
Health Care Agency

WSO Edwin Valdez and the member leaders continue to push for the safety and well-being of our members throughout the Health Care Agency. We are holding department managers responsible for providing necessary PPE so that our members can perform their duties with a sense of safety.

After numerous reports that PPE was not being distributed equally we put pressure on management at the hospital to address this issue.  As an example the Chief Clinical Officer and the Interim Safety Operations Officer began checking in with supervisors and other managers in the Lab to make sure they were not making excuses in providing necessary PPE and making safety the main priority!

During these times our message is simple: COVID-19 does not discriminate and if the employer wants these dedicated front line workers to perform their jobs helping the community, then don’t discriminate when making a decision of who gets the PPE and who doesn’t!

Keep up your great work and we will continue to fight for safe working conditions.

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Antoinette williams

When is the next stewart season. I missed the last three. I want to be union Stewart. Thank you.


Is there any information and clarification on the email sent to County Employees regarding Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) and FMLA Emergency Leave that would be available to all County employees effective Wednesday, April 1, 2020. I have contacted HR and they have no information or provide any guidance on these programs. They stated if we choose this we will not be paid by the County and will need to apply for unemployment. Is this correct? This pandemic is already stressful when schools are closed, HR should be there to help employees during these stressful times so we don’t have… Read more »