Fighting to Protect Vital Public Services in the City of Los Angeles

In the midst of the most serious public health crisis in over a century, SEIU 721 members in the City of Los Angeles have remained steadfast in our commitment to providing the critical frontline services our communities depend on. Together, our work has kept our city moving – and as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to accelerate, SEIU 721 members have answered the call, acting as critical first responders when our city needs us the most.

We believe that commitment should be matched by those in the halls of power.

Last Friday, SEIU 721, along with our partners in the Coalition of Los Angeles City Unions, met with city officials to review Mayor Garcetti’s proposed 2021 budget, which he is slated to present to the City Council tomorrow. As the city moves quickly to mitigate the financial effects of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, SEIU 721 has fought tirelessly to ensure that any budget proposal aimed at cutting costs and raising revenues does not do so on the backs of vital city employees. As such, we have already won a commitment from city officials of no layoffs, the preservation of all city services, and an agreement to fund all currently agreed upon future salary increases for city employees, and we’re not done yet.

As you may have heard, the Mayor’s budget proposal recommends targeted civilian employee furloughs of up to 26 days in certain departments. SEIU 721 will continue to work alongside our coalition partners to mitigate and reduce the number furlough days, and to address the equity of those members impacted.

Together in our union, we are an unstoppable force. At over 98,000 members, SEIU 721 has the strength and experience to fight back against the City’s shortsighted proposals and protect our heroes on the frontlines.

Already, we have filed numerous Unfair Labor Practice charges against the city related to their bad faith bargaining throughout our last contract negotiations, and just weeks ago, we initiated a new Group Grievance related the city’s continued refusal to make good on our hard-won salary increases, bonuses, and inequities.

And as the city continues to move through the budget process, rest assured SEIU 721 will be there every step of the way to ensure that any budget adopted by the city champions the critical frontline services we provide.

BE the first to know – text SEIU to 31996 for real-time updates.

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I work for LA County Probation & we are given 2 options. Paid covid leave which we initially have 2 weeks of no pay then we must await to be approved to use the 80hr paid leave provided by union or get paid 2/3 of our income. How is this ok?? I have 3 kids & no one to oversee while I’m at work, so I have to take off. Secondly, my family and I have been displaced since Thanksgiving 2019 & you do think Probation stepped in, no I had to get temporary housing and I cannot leave my… Read more »


Hi Dominique, I sent your comments and questions to our team so they can follow up with you.