L.A. County’s Expanded Employee Assistance Program and Resources

SEIU 721 members are leading the charge at making our workplaces safe for LA County workers and for the clients we serve during this COVID-19 pandemic.

In that same spirit, to meet the needs of the moment, the County just launched several new resources designed to support County workers.

The County’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) now has 24-hour crisis intervention support and confidential counseling for County employees and their families. This is a partnership between the County and Cigna Behavior Health.

Click here for more details on the expanded EAP program.

The County also created a new LA County Employee Wellbeing Line in partnership with UCLA’s Luskin School. The Wellbeing line will launch on Monday, April 20, 2020 and will provide support for frontline workers in these challenging times.

Get more information on the Wellbeing Line here.

Additionally, the County’s Department of Mental Health is offering free subscriptions to Headspace. Headspace features more than 1,000 hours of guided educational content to promote mindfulness, relaxation, empathy, restful sleep and over all wellbeing.

Click here to enroll in Headspace.
Get more details on Headspace.

There are also department-specific resources available including peer-to-peer counseling and support services that are unique to the department’s workforce.

Reach out to your department’s HR Office to find out what additional services may be available to you.

Download the County’s announcement of expanded employee assistance and resources. This also includes contact information for the various programs mentioned above.

Together we can get through this crisis.

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