NLACRC – Stronger Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive rapid changes for all working people. Many workers have been forced to show up at work without proper protection. Many others either don’t have the ability to work from home or are being denied the option.

Today more than ever workers across industries are understanding the value of having a strong united voice.

The stakes are high. The dangers are everywhere. And the need to stay united and fight for safe and fair working conditions has never been this real.

For workers like you, at the North LA County Regional Center, this is the time to stay united, stay in touch with your union and alert us of any issues that may arise.

Already, your Union Power delivered major wins during this COVID-19 Crisis including
• Telecommuting options for every employee
• Paid Administrative Leave option when telecommuting is not possible and the office is closed
• Modified working hours available to help caregivers and parents.

But this crisis is not over. We must stay Union Strong to ensure members continue to be protected as the world continues to shift right under us. We must stand strong and fight for what is right.

You staying Union Strong also delivered key victories in our last contract:

We ratified a contract that provides salary increase every year of the contract and includes large healthcare improvements. We also had improvements in holidays, sick time, telecommuting, Performance Reviews and in grievance procedures.

We are working on the final contract formatting and will have digital copies available soon.

It was only because we stood together that we were able to lock in the contract wins to protect our futures.

Even apart from the challenges of the pandemic, we still have issues to bargain over the next 3 years of the contract! We have to meet over ABX2-1 funds, reforming the Step Ladder, and creating specialized pay for CSCs with Specialized Caseloads.

The weeks and months ahead of us are filled with uncertainty – but together we can have a strong say on our present and our futures.

Without strong Membership, we can’t make improvements or advance worker rights. Don’t be fooled into giving up your union rights, we are stronger together.

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