Tell your Senator to HOLD THE LINE on the HEROES Act

This global pandemic is challenging our social structures to the maximum, exposing the pre-existing conditions of our society – lack of health resources and economic resources for the most vulnerable in our communities. And our city and county workers are on the frontlines putting themselves in harm’s way risking life and death not just for themselves but for their families and neighbors.

The Heroes Act has the ability to make a lasting impact on our social infrastructure and fight to protect all workers, but we need you to HOLD THE LINE and fight.

When you call your Senator – either Senator Harris or Senator Feinstein – you must demand that they fight for state and local funding.

Here are instructions on how to make your call:

  1. Phone Congress
    (844) 967-2163, Press 1
  2. Enter your residence ZIP CODE where you live
  3. You will automatically be connected to your Senator’s office, or you may hit star (*) to move to the next office.
  4. You will talk with a staff member or be asked to leave a message:
  • Hi, my name is FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and I work at ____________________.
  • I’m calling you, Senator (NAME), because I know you support the HEROES Act. Thank you for that. But I’m asking you to fight like never before and hold the line on state and local funding. Don’t let the Senate water down vital funding for our communities and public services.
  • My colleagues and I are making great sacrifices to battle the coronavirus pandemic, but we need you to do your part to ensure that the HEROES Act passes and so I can continue _______(state what you do)__________________.
  • Thank you.

We must fight for investment in public services that allows us to build a stronger, more inclusive social infrastructure that supports and serves all of us. We must fight for government for all.

Tell the Senate to #ProtectAllWorkers now by putting working people first, with no blank checks for corporations!

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Edward Roman

Hold The Line on The Heroes Act. Frontline Essential Workers, deserve and Earned, Federal Funding Support for State Government and County Civil Service Operations.

Thank you for your diligence and perseverance !

Patricia Mendietta

Hold The Line on The Heroes Act. Frontline Essential Workers, deserve and Earned Federal Funding Support For State Government and County Civil Service Operations.

Thank you for your diligence and perseverance!¿

Sheila Bordeaux

We need support and help for one and all families that do not have means of working due to ,the corono virus. I am on social security and am a cross guard with disabilities. As other are in the same position or worse off then me. The rich or well off receive more money which they already have. Myself and many others live by paycheck to paycheck. Please hold the line and your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Crystal Adeoye

Hold the line on the Heroes Act. Frontline Essential workers, deserved and Earned, Federal funding support for State, County, Government and Civil Service Operations.

Loretta Gibson

My name is Loretta Gibson and I work for the VA Medical Center. And I really feel like we have been left out because we go to work every day we do not have a choice. Everyone else is getting awarded except Federal workers. I am asking that all Sentors do the right thing. Please Thank You.

Yevette Jaramillo

Hi my name is Yevette. I work in the grocery industry in California. I was feeling sick and went to get tested. Sure enough I tested postive. I have no income coming in I’ve been quartine for 10 days so far and I still feel real weak. It would be nice if these people can get there act together instead of getting ready to go on another break. I’m really not proud to be an american anymore. This country is ridiculous. All they care about is the economy.


Im a widow on widows benifits..i dont get much on ss..i have meds to buy cause of corona an my medical wont pay for them..i have lung issues to need them..i cant go many places an public transportation is very risky for me..i have copd an emphasema so getting this virus may kill me..but this money would mean i cant hire someone to help with task that is risky shopping an such..i feel till were of the is needed for people like 68 an would like to live..please pass is truly needed for the most vunerable..our… Read more »

E Hernandez

Senator Feinstein’s mail box is full. I couldn’t leave a voice message. I’m guessing that’s a good sign.

Sharon Wimbush

Yes I am Sharon Wimbush Hold the the Front line on the Hero Act. I don’t work I’m disabled do to Low White. Low Iron Rheumatology.problems yes the people need this finiacial for this period of time. Some people working are may not work or may receive Social security disability like I do…But I only received $783 as of right now…So it would help my Ministry and I am with out transportation.So with this Pandemic I am for sure with all gratitude we needs another payment as well a monthly payment plan…

tisha Buford

Also me 2 sharon…hold the front line on the hero act..i don’t work am disable do 2 medical reason ..please pass this bill we drowning and we demand more money now and that tall senators stop wasting time dragging y’all feet holding up the money we deserve…we are terribly suffering…

Gerard Saint Louis

Absolutely RIGHT!!!!!! Thank you. Great job!

Jessica Jeffery

My name is Jessica Jeffery. I am a CNA. I work for Crestpark Retirement Inn in Stuttgart Arkansas. We fight and battle this every day. Have remained thus far free and clear of COVID-19. But the struggle is real everyday I have kids I go home to after my shift I worry every day that im gonna bring COVID home or bring it to work. Hold the line!


Please my name is queen I am a health care worker RN I know you will help to fight heroes act to pass every body needs help This time and additional ongoing support as per bill’s are piling everyone are struggling we really need help this time another one time payment will not be okay every body needs monthly payment until the COVID 19 pandemic is over thanks queen

tisha Buford

I agree we need more money we need more money we suffering we staving we got bills 2 bills mouths 2 feed that one time payment was some chump changes with our rent and other bill piling up we need this money pass the hero act bill now…am I’ll with many health issue can’t work on ssi only receiving 783 from ssi after I pay bills and buy food that lil bitty money is gone and am right 2 square one..needing money 2 get by we the American ate suffering..its like y’all passing every other bill but this hero act… Read more »

Cory Carter

Why wouldnt we want more money? We are drowning

tisha Buford

We sure is drowning cary Carter we need more money now…stop dragging y’all feet senators and pass this hero act…stop wasting time we need money nowwwww

Veronica Lopez



While my job is essential and have continued to work. My husband and two adult son’s have all been laid off from three different industries. Businesses that have tried to reopen are closing due to distancing rules and being closed. More and more of my clients are calling in everyday being let go, laid off and furloughed. This is not over and will not be for a long time. Taking away the extra $600 from a unemployed is not just effecting them. It effects their family. The extra is not truly extra for most. Now we have to pay for… Read more »


We need your help in this matter I live in albemarle nc there are no side. Walks its country there needs to be more food banks a bigger homeless shelters one for wemon and one for men with regular sized washing machines if the homeless had a program to help them with their lives instead of giving cheap combs and small tube Of toothpaste and rehab programs. that actually help and not mask their problems qqqand not letting them sleep checking on them every 15 minutes three the night is not letting them sleep if they are going to recover… Read more »

Empress Loretta Strong

I Wrote Congress Supporting The Heroes Act For $2000 A Month Til This Covid-19 End. Americans Really Need The Support Of The Federal Government To Combat This Pandemic. Covid-19 Is Still Spreading. We Have Been Practicing Social Distancing, Yet It Keeps Spreading. Sending People Back To Work So Soon Is Not Helping When It Comes To Fighting The Pandemic. Yet, If People Don’t Work They Risk Loosing What They Worked So Hard For. The Economy Will Be Able To Stay Neutral With This Heroes Act. This Will Buy More Time While We Find A Cure For It.

Markeitha M Harris

we must save all our hero. Health care workers and services worker’s.

Shawn Gabriel

My wife ia amanager at walmart she goes in everyday.she hasnt missed many days since this staryed but is in the center of it all.cleveland ohio at one time had the most cases and she entitled to more then just her simple paychech every two weeks she puts her life at risk everyday so others can eat have the supplies they need.those workers all deserve extra money for putting therehealth at risk..thank you.i couldnt work cuz iam home with our kids since thetes no school.we are behind and it getting even harder..m

Sarah Anderson

I am 73, get ssi, but the heroes act needs to be fought for by all of us. We need your help, both of u to do so ! After deducting expenses I live on less than 200, so the covid check was.much needed. Don’t let Donald Trump steal that little extra by taking it from all of us. Please help.

Adrienne Smith

Hello my name is Adrienne Smith I’m a single parent of two unemployed due to the Coronavirus school is slowly approaching I can use the money with the Hero Act to make sure my kids have the things they need such as school uniforms, supplies, etc.please hold the line on the Hero Act. Thanks

Tina Davis

I feel u truly. Keep the faith.

Tammy Watts

I was diagnosed with COPD February 2019. I went back to work part-time after that and worked until March 2020 when I was sick. My immune system is so compromised that if I contract covid-19 it’s probably going to be fatal for me. From March 20 until May 3 the first stimulus money helped me to survive. I applied for unemployment benefits and as of today my case is still pending. Please have compassion for me and others like me. Do what you can to fast track HEROES!!! Many lives depend on it.

Aquisha Boomer

Please we need another check. Things are not going to good. I have lots of bill to pay. And am way behind on them. We need y’all help bad.


This would help the ppl tremendous. I got turned down for unemployment. I won my case and still haven’t received my benefits. There’s no way to talk to a real person. I’ve been calling since Feb. its ridiculous. This money could help me from losing everything I’ve worked for so please help it pass.


Hey I work for a garbadge company in the north state. I have worked through this whole pandemic. Paying my taxes through payroll working. What concerns me is that no one wants to help the people who have been paying for all this have never wavered. With rising grocery costs and finding babysitters. No one thinks about the people that are paying. My well pump went out last week 2000 dollars. As a paying American I feel used and cheated by our government.


Also noted is this vacation credit I have no money for a vacation. I have always lived paycheck to paycheck. I have. Even before the pandemic which I have never stopped working. I work for garbadge company in the Northstate.

Esmerlin sanchez

Good morning my name is esmerlin sanchez please we need another stimulus check the one time 1,200.00 was not enough we need the heroes act to be pass as in American I’m American people we are struggling to survive this pandemic we need the government to act now please thank you

Helen M Summerlin

I think the heroes act would put people back to work and they would caught up on their bills and feed their families the company the money is going to hasn’t hire any one

Tina Davis

My name is Tina and i live in Phoenix Arizona. I am a single mom as well have 3 young boys. I lost my job due to the pandemic. The little money I was trying to save to feed them clothe them and make sure I do what’s parent do and take care of my boys has come to a end. I haven’t been able to buy them anything new since this all happened. I really need the money from the Heroes act to help me stabilize a little bit longer. Please hold the line on the Heroes Act. Thank… Read more »


Essential workers have been putting themselves in harm’s way for weeks while other people are making more on unemployment than they are. Why aren’t essential workers getting a pay increase?” please support the heros fund and reward good behavior


My name is Anna Apodaca and I work for Dept of Mental Health. Please Hold the Line on the Heroes Act.

Diligence & Perseverance

Murline Holmes

At this point the senators have no choice but to continually fund the situation or end up in the hospital themselves this is how bad this virus is on a daily note. The virus is really taking control at the foot holes including the prisoners and in the nursing homes. Which is where the fight should’ have started it was in the nursing homes and prisons places. If they don’t take control of the virus we won’t have a world.

Hector Fernandez

Let’s STOP voting for corporate funded politicians. Only progressives who are grassroots and funded by the people, and who have the people’s’ best interests in mind should be trusted. It’s long past due that we stop voting for these corrupt corporate hacks!


Nothing will change unless we get money out of politics, get rid of the Electoral College and we start electing politicians who will work for the people instead of the corporations. Root out corruption and watch how quickly life gets better for everyone.