NEVHC: Special Vote on COLA

Due to financial hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Northeast Valley Health Corporation is proposing changes to the 3.5 percent Cost of Living Adjustment that was scheduled to go into effect July 15.

NEVHC’s original proposal was to postpone the entire COLA amount until January 2021.

Our union’s counter offer is for NEVHC to provide half of the amount (1.75%) now and the remaining half in January.

If a majority of the members vote to accept this proposal, the first portion of the COLA increase will be seen in an upcoming pay period.

Your Bargaining Team recommends a YES vote on this proposal in order to help keep our clinics open and in service to our communities.

We will be holding an online vote beginning at midnight on Tuesday, July 21 through 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 23.

You must be a member to vote on the proposal and must also have an account at in order to participate in online voting. (Click on the image at the bottom of this email for a guide on how to create an account)

SEIU 721 Clinics: United on the Frontlines & Stronger Together!

Click Here to Cast Your Vote

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Eugenia Ochoa

Omg that would be go good at this time hope it does happen.

Arminooi Sepanian