We’re Fighting to Keep AVRC Open!

SEIU 721 members at the Antelope Valley Rehabilitation Center provide long-term treatment for Los Angeles County residents who are dealing with drug/and or alcohol abuse. The center has been described as a “recovery oasis in the desert” and no one is excluded from this state-funded program for lack of income.

However, despite substance abuse being on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors is preparing to temporarily close AVRC.

These services are crucial and removing this resource will only serve to create yet another crisis for those who have already lost so much. AVRC workers are ready to FIGHT to keep this center open! Our community needs these services and we must stand up for them and their families.

AVRC members are sending a petition to the LA County BOS to reconsider these plans and to allow them to continue this center’s history of service that has spanned more than eight decades.

Together we Win!

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