Our Raises Are Coming on October 1st

SEIU 721-represented L.A. County employees will receive our negotiated 2.5% salary increases effective October 1, 2020.

In response to severe revenue losses caused by the COVID emergency, and as an alternative to projected layoffs, County officials in May had proposed to postpone the 2.5% October 1 increase. SEIU’s Bargaining Policy Committee never seriously considered this proposal and instead our Union focused on ways to identify alternative solutions.

We were able to leverage our organizing power and push the State Legislature and the Governor to side with essential workers in passing a state budget that mitigated the economic impacts of COVID-19. This was key in making sure that County budgets were not balanced on the backs of essential workers because of the funding shortfall, and that we were able to find alternative solutions in support of our ESSENTIAL HEROES.

Our collective work is making the following possible:

  • The negotiated 2.5% salary increase is on track for October 1.
  • The County’s matching contribution (up to 4%) to the Horizons 457 Deferred Compensation Plan will NOT be suspended.
  • Effective January 1, 2021, an additional half step (2.75%) WILL be added to salary schedules. Employees will receive the additional 2.75% on January 1, 2021 if they have been at the current top step for at least one year. If not, they will receive the 2.75% increase once they eventually reach top step.

The fight however is not over. 

The County’s financial condition is still precarious. Hiring and purchasing freezes are still in place. Due to the sharp drop in revenues, the County has significantly reduced its reserves. Without additional funding, SEIU 721 members will continue to face austerity budgets in the near future.

SEIU Local 721 members must ensure California votes YES on Prop 15 (Schools and Communities First) this November.  Prop 15 is set to deliver BILLIONS to local municipalities – and you can help secure funding that will benefit the LA County Budget!

Click here to sign up to take action. We have volunteer opportunities from the comfort of your own home to help us deliver a YES vote on Prop 15.

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