Our Statement on the Mayor’s Instructions for Fiscal Restraint

Below is the official statement from SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover in response to LA Mayor’s Memo RE: Fiscal Year 2020-21 Instructions for Fiscal Restraint:

“While we understand that the City must begin to prepare for the worst-case scenario, it’s important to remember that no concrete actions or plans directly impacting workers have been put into motion. The city is simply taking the administrative steps to prepare just in case revenues continue to fall short from those anticipated in the adopted budget. 

Our union has been working closely with the City to find cost saving solutions with steady success. In fact, the August 23rd Council Emergency resolution directed the City to continue working with Labor to identify all cost saving solutions. 

Our union remains committed to protecting our members’ well-being on all fronts. Our city’s heroes cannot and should not be furloughed — period.”

President Bob Schoonover has been clear that furloughs are not an option – but as the COVID19 crisis continues to expand over weeks and months, our union needs to make sure we secure both savings and revenue for the City of Los Angeles.

SEIU Local 721 members must ensure California votes YES on Prop 15 this November.  Prop 15 is set to deliver BILLIONS to local municipalities – and you can help secure funding that will benefit the LA City Budget!

Click here to sign up to take action. We have volunteer opportunities from the comfort of your own home to help us deliver a YES vote on Prop 15.

Want to keep those furloughs far away from LA City workers? Then step up and do your part click here and sign up today: