Commit to Win For Working People in November

With furloughs, budget cuts and layoffs on the horizon – the 2020 election is the most important of our lifetime. We have the opportunity to win big for working people!

Despite being called essential workers, working people have been neglected. Under the current federal administration, workers have been fighting for PPE and we are now fighting to keep our jobs funded! Together we can change this mess.

This is our opportunity to elect pro-worker leadership the White House, Congress and at the state level – on top of that, if we pass a YES vote on Prop 15 here in CA, we will secure billions of dollars for our jobs!

Want to make sure your job is still around this time next year? Want to ensure America is a land of opportunity for all, not just the already rich? Want to properly fund the vital public services that we provide?

If so, we need you to volunteer at least 2 hours (from home!) to help get others to vote in support of what working people need.

Can we count on you?

Sign up below to get involved in the fight to win for workers in November!