SEIU 721 is Keeping its Eye on VCERA



SEIU 721 Tri-Counties Regional Director Danny Carrillo spoke at the September 14 VCERA Zoom meeting on an agenda item of great importance to Classic employees/members. VCERA had its first public board response to the recent Alameda Supreme Court case.

The Alameda case ruling states that certain pay codes such as Call Back and Stand By will no longer be considered pensionable.

The other big item that VCERA will be considering is the elimination of the flex credit as a pensionable item for Classic employees (employees hired before 1/1/2013 or hired after with prior CalPERS or similar pension employment) that our bargaining unit members have had pensionable for many years.

The Sheriff and Fire Association Presidents along with County Counsel also made arguments that VCERA is not obligated to eliminate the flex credit from being pensionable. 721 has been in communications with Sheriff and Fire to stand in unity against any of these proposed changes.

SEIU 721 is also working with its legal team and pension experts to continue investigating minimizing any potential negative impacts that these rulings may cause.

Retirees may also be negatively impacted by this Alameda decision and we are keeping an eye on any possible impacts here.

The next VCERA meeting where these issues will be discussed, and possible actions taken, is scheduled for Monday September 28.

We are also participating in the SBCERS meetings where Santa Barbara County is considering this issue also, although our members there do not have any flex credit that is considered pensionable.

We will continue to keep you informed of any next steps and on possible arguments our legal team will be making.