SEIU 721 Applauds Mayor Garcetti’s Opposition to Uber and Lyft’s Deceptive Proposition 22

Bob Schoonover, President of SEIU 721, issued the following statement in response to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s official opposition to Proposition 22:

“Mayor Garcetti is the latest in a long list of prominent political figures to voice his strong opposition to Uber and Lyft’s Proposition 22, and we are happy to see his office is standing with working people to defeat this deceptive ballot measure.

“For years, Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and the rest have gamed the system to cheat their workers out of basic protections such as a minimum wage, overtime, paid sick days, and access to unemployment insurance. Now, they’re spending over $184 million to pass Prop 22 and rewrite state law, creating a special exemption allowing these companies to exploit their workers permanently.

“SEIU 721’s Mobile Workers Alliance drivers have been at the forefront of the fight to end Silicon Valley greed and raise standards for workers in the gig economy – and right now, that means defeating Proposition 22. We’re beyond thrilled to have Mayor Garcetti standing with us.”



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