SEIU 721 Statement on Protections for Fast Food Workers

SEIU 721 Statement on the LA County Board of Supervisors Actions to Protect Fast Food Workers

SEIU Local 721 has released the following statement on behalf of President Bob Schoonover
in response to the passage of Sup. Solis’ motion on Protecting

Essential Workers in the Fast Food Industry

Los Angeles, CA  – “The Board of Supervisors’ actions today are an important step forward in the continued fight to protect workers during this unprecedented health pandemic and beyond. Like so many other industries, this pandemic has laid bare just how critical these often-overlooked workers are to the general public and the importance of their service cannot be overstated. 

While fast food workers are essential, they have been treated as if they are expendable and the Supervisors today are taking steps to reverse this. We applaud Supervisor Hilda Solis for her dedication to these and other frontline workers and for submitting this motion. We are hopeful this will lead to the on-the-job protections that these workers seek and SEIU Local 721 is committed to holding the board accountable to following through with conducting a transparent investigation into the actions at the Marengo St. McDonald’s and investigating the experiences of fast food workers as a whole. It is high time these employees receive the respect and protections they deserve.”


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