EVERY VOTE COUNTS and we WILL count every vote!

The presidential election isn’t over. Votes are still being counted, many of them mail-in ballots – and they are trending in support of the Biden-Harris 2020 campaign. It looks like we are on track to win Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania when we count all the votes.

That’s the key: We must make sure EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

Though few predicted this nail-biter of a presidential race, many experts did say that we most likely would not know the outcome on Election Night. That’s exactly what happened. Now it’s up to us to make sure the ballot counting process does not stop until all votes are counted.

Make no mistake: We WILL count every vote.

The legitimacy of the presidency hinges on integrity of our election process. That means we do not call elections for any candidate until all ballots are counted – nor do not allow anyone to intimidate us at any step along the way, even the current occupant of the White House.

Brothers and Sisters: We worked too hard to give up now.

We poured our hearts and souls into this election season because we knew that everything was on the line. Everything was at stake.

It still is.

So we’re watching the election returns closely. And we’re getting ready to mobilize in conjunction with other working people across America if that’s what it takes to defend our democracy.

We’ll provide updates as events unfold. For now – stay alert, stay positive and stay union strong.

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