LA County 2021 Contract: We Will FIGHT


With the big presidential election all but over, many people are resting easy – relieved that we’ll have a real voice for workers in the White House. And it’s true that our new President-Elect Joe Biden and other allies in Washington, DC actually value the work we do.

But don’t assume help is on the way. We’ll only get what we need if we insist on it – and if we’re prepared to mobilize for it through our union. 

In 2021, we are set to start bargaining with LA County for a new contract. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is resurging again, LA County faces the prospect of another multi-million dollar budget shortfall. 

The budget threats are real – and could come at us in the form of lay-offs and frozen salaries unless we stay UNION STRONG and demand serious federal assistance.

We’re the ones who’ve kept this nation functional in the face of this entire COVID-19 crisis. And many Americans are still alive because essential workers like us literally have kept society from falling apart.

It would be outrageous to reward us with lay-offs and frozen salaries. But if federal relief doesn’t come, that’s what we could be fighting against.

Individually, it’s tough to counteract the LA County budget threats. Butwhen we stand together as a union, we are a force to be reckoned with. 

Today we need you to take 1 easy step to help secure our future in LA County: 

Take a minute to ensure your Union Membership is up to date

Having your most updated contact information will help us keep our UNION STRONG as we gear up for bargaining in LA County in 2021.

As this year dwindles down – don’t let the crisis that began in 2020 turn our entire 2021 upside down. Click here and confirm your union membership and contact information today.

In Unity,
All of Us at SEIU 721

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