Schools and Communities First – We will continue forward after Prop 15’s very narrow loss

It’s never easy when something we’ve fought so long and hard for doesn’t come to pass but the very narrow loss of Proposition 15 after a week of ballot counting is far from the end of the story.

We knew what we were up against: When you tell multi-billion dollar corporations that you’re going to close the loopholes that let them get away with not paying up to $15 billion in property taxes EVERY YEAR, we knew they’d put up big money to stop it.

And they did. Voters were bombarded with misleading ads and dirty campaign tactics even from organizations like the California NAACP.

So, what does this mean for us at SEIU 721?

In a nutshell, it means our fight for federal funding is all the more important. There is even more at stake now that we don’t have the money that Prop. 15 would have brought in.

Critical jobs and services are already being threatened by budget cuts brought on by COVID-19. Now our only option is to fight like hell for leaders to get us the federal funds that our communities need to survive.

Stay tuned for our next steps and make sure your info and account are up to date. Now more then ever, we’re going to need everyone on board.

This was a tough defeat but we’re not through fighting yet.

We are Essential. Our Work is Essential. Our Votes are Essential.

Together We Rise.

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