100K jobless Americans – we could join them IF we lose our union

Let’s keep it real – the situation is getting desperate.

Because of COVID-19, this year alone:

The numbers tell a tragic tale: So many people are being crushed. But we’re not.

We’re still standing – and it’s because of our union membership.

SEIU 721 is our ONLY protection from COMPLETE economic catastrophe in what has become a MERCILESS market.

We still have our union jobs, pay, healthcare and retirement plans. We still have our union contracts.

Plus, we still have our UNION POWER – which becomes stronger every time a new union member joins our ranks.

It’s our union power that makes us a force which CANNOT be ignored. If we opt out of the union, that power is GONE.

Then, we’re DEFENSELESS. Then the powers that be can IGNORE us the way they ignored the needs of 100,000 newly jobless Americans.

And then it’ll be US taking our place in MODERN-DAY BREADLINES.

We can’t let that happen.

Our union membership is our shield. It keeps us protected.

Let’s keep it that way by keeping our membership up-to-date … and keeping our #UnionStrong.

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