Enough is Enough, Trump Must Be Removed – A Statement by SEIU Local 721 President Bob Schoonover

“The storming of the United States Capitol on Wednesday was the nadir of a presidential regime defined by hateful rhetoric, racialized violence and deliberate cruelty, both large and petty.

As most of this nation is preparing for a peaceful transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden in two weeks, it’s clear that the current President and his most devoted followers in the public and in elected office exist in a fabricated and dangerous reality – totally out of touch with the needs and desires of the American people.

This callous indifference to everyday suffering and lack of true leadership is why more than 300,000 of our fellow Americans are dead, while life in other countries is returning to normalcy.

Enough is enough, President Trump must be removed from office before irreparable damage is done to the fabric of our nation.

That is, of course, the ‘easy work.’ Much more difficult, but just as necessary, is the work that we must do as everyday Americans to root out the evils that led to Donald Trump and the tragic storming of our Capitol this week.

The soon-to-be former president is not an aberration. He is the culmination of decades of effort and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on a right-wing project to reshape our nation to the benefit of a handful of wealthy and powerful people.

The people who fund attacks on unions, who try to torpedo a $15 minimum wage, who suppress the right to vote for millions of Americans, who try to pit worker against worker and divide us along racial lines and who sell out American workers to make a quick buck overseas are the same people who gave us Donald Trump.

Wednesday should be a reckoning for all honest Americans. There are two sides – the side of working people striving toward the American Dream and the side of the greedy, hateful and evil who would gladly see our statehouses ransacked and everyday citizens driven into poverty if it meant another dollar in their pocket.

Which side are you on?”