Ventura County VCERA Update Jan 22, 2021

Our union continues to work with the County and other unions -primarily Fire and Sheriff – in addressing the still unresolved impact to Classic employees/members as a result of the Alameda Supreme Court case ruling. Our lawyers are working to respond to the initial court filing in the declaratory relief where we are named as plaintiffs. We are on two tracks in trying to get the flex credit, or a portion thereof, to continue to be pensionable.

Regional Director Danny Carrillo, along with Benefits Director Ramon Rubalcava and our two 721 VCERA Board members have had several meetings to discuss potential game plans in addressing this issue. Meetings have been held with the County CEO and HR Director Shawn Atin, with Assembly member Jacqui Irwin and her staff, and with SEIU California’s lobbyist in Sacramento.

We are leaving no stone unturned as we fight for your retirement security.

These work-in-progress proposals, both the legal track and the legislative track, do not allow VCERA to give an actual estimate of monthly retirement income to those Classic members that wish to retire now or before a resolution is reached. This is unfortunate, but we cannot allow a change like this to happen when all of County Labor groups and County Counsel are united to keep such a drastic ruling from going into effect without being fully vetted.

If you have any questions, please contact Regional Director Danny at