Riverside County Reopener Bargaining Team Nominations 2021

The nomination period for our Riverside County Parity Pool Reopener Bargaining Team is now open!

This is your opportunity to represent your coworkers at the table as we propose classifications that have fallen behind everyone else and should receive market adjustments.

Nominations for the Bargaining Committee Team are open now and must be received by March 5th.

What’s a Bargaining Team?

A Bargaining Team is a committee of Local 721 members who are elected to lead Local 721’s negotiations at the bargaining table. Committee members will work with other Local 721 members to identify ideas and develop contract proposals. Committee members also meet with management to negotiate over proposals. Most importantly, Bargaining teams work with CATs (Contract Action Teams) to keep all 721 members informed about the progress of bargaining and to move Local 721 members into action to win the best contract possible.

Meetings with management generally take place on County time, but Committee team members must be prepared to meet frequently on their own time to develop proposals and the plan of action.


  • You may nominate yourself or any other Local 721 member in your bargaining unit by completing the nomination form below along with Candidate statement
  • This is not a ballot. Only one nomination per candidate is necessary. Submitting more than one nomination form for the same candidate will not increase his/her chance of winning a seat.
  • Nominations must be received by 03/05/2021


If there are more candidates than the 5 open slots, an election will take place on a date and time determined by the needs of the campaign.

Riverside County Reopener Bargaining Team Nominations

  • Your Information

  • Bargaining Team Nominations

    Please enter the full name of each member you would like to nominate to represent you and your co-workers on the bargaining team. Each name must be on a separate line, click the plus sign for additional lines. Nominate as many members as you like. If you would like to run for the bargaining team enter your own name.
  • Bargaining Team Statements

    If you would like, you may include a statement for why you believe your nominated candidates should be on the bargaining team. Please include the candidate name in the statement. Please use 50 words or fewer.

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