The Heat is On: Watts Workers Vote to Escalate!

Watts workers are sending the message loud and clear:

Enough is enough!

With an overwhelming 100% YES vote, workers have approved escalating their campaign for a fair contract up to and including an Unfair Labor Practice strike.

The vote comes after months of WHC management dragging its feet and violating labor laws during bargaining.

Management has continually undercut workers who have been serving on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even worse, by failing to value staff and the critical work they do, Watts management is putting patient safety in jeopardy DURING A PANDEMIC.

The past few months have shown just how critical every moment can be, yet Watts leaders continue to engage in unfair bargaining at the table.

These employees are dedicated to the work they do for our community and they are willing to go on strike for their patients if that’s what it takes to ensure their safety.

“Being here at Watts is more than just a job for me and my co-workers, we really feel called to this and our patients are like family to us,” said Mireya Holder who is also a member of the Watts Bargaining Team. “It’s downright disrespectful that management would choose to fight workers and take our work for granted this way.”

In addition to the unfair labor practices, Watts leaders are proposing a minuscule 1.5% wage increase over three years while increasing worker health insurance contributions for their dependents. They’re also in danger of losing senior, qualified staff by failing to honor their years of service and dedication with adequate longevity pay increases to retain them.

Stay tuned for more information as workers continue to fight for patients and a fair contract. United on the Frontlines and Stronger Together!

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Maria Nieto

Let’s keep fighting for our rights .. Stop being Scared we are Strong now more than ever …