An LA City Budget that Prioritizes Civilian Workers!

Thanks to our efforts, the City of Los Angeles has pased a landmark equity-based budget that prioritizes our civilian workforce.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has signed a 2021-2022 City Budget that commits funds to hire 750 positions through the Targeted Local Hire program we’ve championed. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, we were barely making up for service cuts from the Great Recession years.

This budget puts Los Angeles on track to begin restoring City services and uplifts historically marginalized populations in our City by providing them a pathway to coveted good union jobs like ours.

On top of that, we also reached a game-changing understanding with the City to extend healthcare benefits and retirement benefits to part-time employees.

These City budget wins are a direct result of our mobilization over the last months to make the American Rescue Plan a reality and bring $1 billion in aid to the City.

We cannot stop there. There’s no doubt that our sacrifices over the last year, and the much-needed federal aid that we delivered, strengthened the City’s financial health.  

We bailed out the City and we will remind them at every turn.

Our contract reopener is slated for January 2022, but the hard-work begins now. Make sure your membership is up to date and that you’re subscribed to receive our text updates.

We were successful in this City budget fight — once again we will need all hands on deck to win a cost of living adjustment. Stay tuned for updates.